WCC Game 5: at Pacific

Random aside: I’m glad that the move to ESPN+ hasn’t meant that we lose the various commentators and color guys from around the conference. Whether or not I think any given one is “good,” I get a kick out of listening to Pepperdine’s old timey radio guy that sounds like he’s doing 1940s war reels or old UOP coach Bob Thomason’s grouchy critiques. I find the LMU call guy’s constant use of “trey bien!” a little grating but at least it’s unique. I imagine that’s how fans of other teams used to feel about Stege and his Stege-isms like “the ol’bunny hop in the pea patch!”

We are pretty lucky to have Pasarelli and the talented team at KSCU. Caruso is coming into his own bit by bit. I would love for Brownridge return one day to do color commentary. I know that broadcasting was always his post-athletics aspiration.