Game 11: Utah St

And have given up 17 offensive rebs. Between TO’s and giving up OffRebs we’re making it really hard on ourselves.


It’s literally the Warriors. But the college version. :slightly_smiling_face:

Let’s win this!

Chef hurt? Looks disengaged.

Need strong hands on rebounds and better care of the ball. So haphazard at times.


The refs are favoring Aggies on calls that matter. Not helping. The missed goal tending. The missed over the back calls. The phantom foul against O Neil. That doesn’t help when Aggies are so overly aggressive and our guys can’t react.

They let Aggies big CAMP in the key. Thats frustrating for inside guys to have to battle whole rotation to have perimeter guys just let shots up. And their big is already inside for rebound since allowed to camp in there. He averaged 5-6 seconds in key while Aggies ran offense. The refs need to be more on top of that.

Marshall off night. Tilly off night. No perimeter defense. Doesn’t help. Putting NO PRESSURE on ball and letting them eat up clock only to pick up a foul. Not smart ball.

O Neil came to play.

Edit: Tilly night understandable. He has a concussion.


So, on top of our horrible rebounding and our terrible turnovers, the missed goal tend and the subsequent technical foul free throw made end up being the difference in the game.


57% to 37% shooting. In Santa Clara’s favor!

TOs are absolutely killer and having all this height only to get beat on offensive boards is inexcusable.

I think SCU is putting it together. Sadly, they’re not competing for an at-large anymore.


Put another way, Utah State had NINETEEN more shots than SCU…just can’t let that happen. This is a talented Broncos team, but there is something missing.

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19-9 turnovers (-10), 17-4 OffRebs (-13)…a net 23 extra possessions for Utah St…miraculous to be that close of a game.

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There’s no doubt the officiating left alot to be desired, but concur that Utah St offensive rebounding and SCU’s turnovers were the difference.

I can’t recall a Santa Clara squad that was as careless with the basketball as this one.

Knapper gets picked by their big man, so many careless entry passes, rebounds being stripped…on and on.

It needs to get fixed…HUGE problem!!


Unfortunately, he is out with a concussion. Not sure for how long.

I think Tilly is in concussion protocol. He went out with a bloody nose, came back in briefly, but after halftime he was back in his warm ups on the end of the bench. I didn’t see how he got the bloody nose, but he clearly took a shot, and I don’t think he was out because of anything other than not being cleared to play.

That’s unfortunate, hopefully he’s fine and cleared quickly.

Didn’t notice him go out with the bloody nose.

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Agonizing loss, but I think a step in the right direction as Herb sorts through all the new faces to determine who can get it done when it counts.

This should have been a win.

Others have pointed out the discrepancy in FG%— infuriating to outshoot your opponent 57/37 and manage to lose.

Same with rebounding. Once again, this tall team was beaten on the boards by a smaller opponent, and to allow 17 offensive rebounds is unacceptable.

Turnovers continue to plague this team— there’s a void at the point. Compound that with lazy passing and that’s how your opponent gets off almost 20 more shots than you.

But what stuck out most to me was poor perimeter defense. Brown and Martinez combined for 52 of their 84 points, and most came from beyond the arc. They got hot in the first half, yet there was no adjustment in the second half; it seemed like every time I looked, one of those two was taking an uncontested three. That was the story of this game.

Eleven games into the season and I have yet to see this team play an impressive game on defense. Tonight they needed to make stops towards the end of the game but didn’t get it done.


All losses are good losses if but you know what to do with it…:thinking::sunglasses:


Nothing to to add other than what others have said. Turnovers are our Achilles heal right now. We fix that and we start turning then corner. Overall good hustle and passion from the team which is good to see.

A better crowd would have helped like Utah State gets. Hopefully after the Xmas break our games get more students/fans.


I hope Tilly is ok too. Is anyone else concerned with our PG play? I didn’t see NM game, but it sounded like Knapper played fairly well off the bench. Candidly, he didn’t play well last night and it’s fair to say that Benjamin has been a disappointment to date.

Hammond…Is he ready?

Bal is being tasked as primary ball handler in crunch time which adds to his work load. Someone please correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t recall seeing Benjamin on the floor in the 2nd half.


Bal is much more effective off-ball, in my opinion. He can catch and shoot the deep shot but he can also pump-fake and step in for a nice mid-range jumper and/or drive hard to the hoop. He has very nice touch on his shots (how many favorable bounces does he seems to get?!?!) He committed 4 turnovers (Caffaro and Knapper committed 3 each as well), so I really don’t want to see him fill the PG role.

Too bad we don’t have PJ Pipes this year.


As previously mentioned, when you give your opposition 23 more chances to make a bucket it doesn’t matter that you shoot 57%. It is good to Cam Tongue is getting more playing time and he did well last night. However, usually he is a rebounding machine, especially on the offensive glass and he only got 2 rebounds in 16 minutes last night. This was a very winnable game in spite of everything that happened. Hope Santa Clara closes out the year better. The next four games are not going to be easy.