WCC Saturday Tickets

Has anyone purchased single session WCC Tournament tickets for Quarterfinals? Best to wait on the resale market? Options are fairly limited if you go through the WCC.

I’m still taking a wait-and-see approach. If we don’t finish top-4, I’ll probably forego the trip. Let me know how you fare.

Edited to add: did you try contacting SCU athletics and/or Bronco Bench? Does the BB still exist? In years’ past, I always found that they had good lines on tickets, whether in their possession, or in the hands of friendlies.

I can only make Saturday work, so planning for that. Good excuse to rally some Broncos and spend the day in Vegas.

I did, they only offer full session passes. Wish I could do that, but that is not going to fly.

Thinking about a mon-tues night last minute trip if we’re still hanging around…

I would do that if I could. Can’t swing with work/family. Weekend is expensive with nASCAR