Broncos Baseball - Win Streak

Well, the Broncos are in fine shape now!

Go get it tomorrow, fellas!

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Broncos up 13-3 going into the top of the 9th.

Assuming that we can hold on, SMC will play Portland (who earlier this afternoon won to stay alive in the tourney) tonight at 8:30pm.

The winner of the late game will play SCU tomorrow at 1pm for the championship. There are going to be a lot of tired arms for our opponent tomorrow!

For the top of the 9th, to face the Broncos hitters, the Gaels have brought in their bullpen catcher to try to get 3 outs and preserve some arms.

Broncos added 4 runs, 17-3 going into the bottom of the 9th.

And…that’s a wrap! We just need to win 1 game out of 2 tries tomorrow, against a team that will have played two games today.


The game is on ESPNU at 1pm. Go Broncos!

While we are on the topic of Santa Clara sports outside of basketball, the track team had five individuals make the NCAA First Round. While none of the Broncos managed to advance to the finals, Nicholas Russell narrowly missed in the 5,000-meter race by just 3 seconds. He ran it in 13:43. He had raced in the 10,000-meter race just two days prior, and was 25 seconds short of qualifying for the finals in that event.

Five athletes at the first round of NCAA’s is a record for the track team, and it looks like all but one of the guys who made it have at least one more year of eligibility. The track team is just a makeup of the cross country team, and the SCU men are starting to look like a program that can win a WCC title in cross country. It would be great to start seeing more WCC titles from SCU outside of soccer!


The Broncos are headed to the Tourney!


Nice win for our Broncos! I’m very happy for Rusty. On to the NCAA Tournament.


Broncos looked dominant. Excellent pitching, hitting and fielding. Apparently the coaches first recruiting class are now seniors and hope this means many more years of excellent Bronco baseball. Don’t know how far we will go as the playoffs are geared to top seeds playing at home for regionals and super regionals but at least we are at the dance. Hitting has been strong and we racked up a lot of runs in the WCC tourney. Way to go Broncos!!!


To echo Maddog…impressive tournament performance outscoring opponents 42-8 over 4 games. Tremendous pitching, offense and defense all clicking this weekend.

The NCAA tournament selection show will be on ESPN2 on Monday @ 9am(PST).

Congrats Broncos and well done!! Let’s go make some more noise next weekend!


We’re heading to Arkansas against #3 overall seed. I know they attempt to group regionals geographically as much as possible, but lack of respect for SCU and WCC IMO.

Arizona vs TCU in other matchup. It looks to be a tough regional and thought Broncos deserved a better seeding.

That being said, very happy for this team and baseball program. Lets make a run.

Games begin on Friday.