Broncos Baseball - Win Streak

I just wanted to draw some attention to SCU baseball and the season to date. Broncos are riding a 9 game winning streak having just swept USF over the weekend. It’s the team’s longest winning streak since 1997. The team sits currently in 3rd place in the conference standings with six conference games remaining…3 @ Portland; 3 vs Gonzaga. The top six qualify for the conference tournament in Las Vegas…3 vs 6 and 4 vs 5 (Single Elimination). Those two winners join seeds 1 & 2 in a double elimination format.

It’s been quite awhile since SCU baseball has been relevant in the conference and congratulations to Coach Filter and the team. They play #7 Stanford tonight at home, and I hope there’s a big crowd there.

My dad was a member of the 1962 team that fell to Michigan in the title game. I wish this group much success going forward.



Correction…Game vs Stanford is tomorrow night (Tue-5/9). Believe first pitch is scheduled for 6pm.

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Pete - not sure if this is right, but I thought I saw that they had the 1962 team back for a reunion this season. Now that I look, I can’t confirm it though.

I believe they lost in extra innings on a passed ball… another “what-if” in SCU sports history.

These guys are playing well and with some of the league leaders left to play, a strong finish would necessarily put them in a good spot at the end of the year.

I think one of Dan O’Brien’s teams did finish top 4 in the league.

I recall at the covid cancelled year, the baseball broncos started pretty hot.

We already got Stanford once earlier in the year, may we can get them again!


Hey Nashty,

You may be right. I know that he attended a few and some of his teammates attended his funeral. He passed away in 1991. Nick Scurich - OF


Bronco Jacks! Go Bronco baseball

Broncos beat the Zags 4-2 yesterday in opening round of WCC baseball tournament in Vegas. SCU swept the Zags last week. We are the #3 seed and now will play #2 Portland tonight. #1 seed LMU vs #5 seed SMC.

The tournament now becomes a double elimination format with winner receiving automatic bid to NCAA tournament.

Pilots took 2 of 3 during regular season.



wouldn’t that be something…in addition to being a “soccer school”, we are on the rise in hoops and baseball.


Off to a nice start vs. Portland… up 7-2.

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Broncos pounded Portland 15-3 with 17 hits in the game and solid work by August Souza out of the bullpen. SCU moves on to play St. Mary’s this afternoon at 4:15 in the winner’s bracket.

We took 2 of 3 from the Gaels during the regular season.



The chart is a bit hard to figure but I think that it’s win this one and the next, and we’re dancing. And, we can lose 1 along the way.

Thank you to the Gaels for knocking out LMU, or at least defraying them for a bit. Now we need to take care of business.

A tremendous tradition that has been having a long slumber.



You’re correct on the format. There’s some margin for error with a loss today but the path becomes a little more difficult and taxing on your pitching staff.

A win today really puts us in the driver’s seat! LMU/Portland loser heads home, and winner faces loser of SCU/SMC.

LMU’s loss was unexpected as both #1 and #2 seeds meet today in an elimination game. I know baseball has a RPI too, and I don’t how Broncos will be viewed as an at large target, if team fails to win conference tournament.

Lastly, I attended SCU from 85-89 and know we made the NCAA tournament at least two years. I’m not positive, but want to say in 88’ and 89’. I don’t remember if we captured conference outright or received an at large back when it was WCAC.

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LMU is likely to get an at-large if they don’t win the conference tourney, right?


Computers have us at #88, which, if it’s anything like hoops, is not at-large worthy. We’re actually above LMU, though. I suppose the computers are impressed by beating Stanford.

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I just looked at the stats…I didn’t realize that we overtook LMU to have the best record of any team in the WCC. I doubt any WCC team can get an at-large bid this year.

Should the higher seed not be the ‘home’ team?

Yes, I believe higher seed is home team.

Weird. SMC is the “home” team in this game. We are up 5-1 in the bottom of the second inning (1-2-3 inning for pitcher). Going to the top of the 3rd now.

Up 6-1 now going into the bottom of the 4th inning.

Announcers are saying the championship game will be tomorrow at 1pm Pacific time on ESPNU. As others mentioned earlier in this thread, if we win today and win that game tomorrow, we are in the Big Dance. If we win today but lose tomorrow, then we would still get another game (double elimination tournament).

Gaels relief pitcher just entered the game to start the Top of the 5th.

He is 6’9" tall, very reminiscent of Randy Johnson. Only 18 years old.

Broncos add 3 runs. Going into bottom of the 5th, SCU up 9-1 on the Gaels.


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