Broncos rise in Net ranking

Scu rises to 105 from 121 following the win over the Dukes


This is a top-75 team if they’re rolling.

A comparison to USF (47 in NET) shows how costly the losses have been. USF doesn’t have a win as good as any of Oregon, Wazzu, or Duquesne. Their best is a “neutral” win over a decent but not special Minnesota team at Chase. They’ve lost to every other decent team they’ve played. But those losses have been close, and they’ve won where they need to. They have nothing close to an at-large resume but good numbers from the computers. The computers have SCU much too low by my lights but it’s due to blowout losses to the really good teams and a couple totally uninspired losses to not-good teams.

Hopefully they can continue to rise, though it will mostly be at the expense of conference opponents from here.


Our current NET has inched down to 105 as a result of other games.

Our WSU had been considered our lone Quad 1 win but they lost to Utah yesterday and their NET dropped from 45 to 56 and is now a Quad 2 win. Our other two Quad 2 wins are Oregon (#69) and Duquesne (#81).

Stanford (#154) is a Quad 3 win. Cal (207) and SJSU (175) are Quad 3 losses.

Yale is now #139. The NET is still a little volatile with the smaller sample size, a win today should boost our NET at least a little…maybe eke in to the Top 100???

Stanford about to knock off Arizona

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Yep, shots were falling for Stanford, they made 16 3’s.
Stanford isn’t great, just 6-6 on the season and lost a few days earlier to a mediocre ASU.
UofA was ranked #3 in NET so the win was a big boost Stanford’s NET, from 156 to 117. That turns our win over them from a Quad 3 to Quad 2 win.

Broncos NET rank is down to 121.
The full WCC NET ranks and records vs. D1 opponents:

  • 39 - USF (10-4)
  • 52 - St. Mary’s (8-6)
  • 56 - GU (8-4)
  • 121 - SCU (8-6)
  • 171 - LMU (6-7)
  • 212 - USD (8-5)
  • 244 - Pepp (5-8)
  • 279 - Portland (4-9)
  • 357 - Pacific (4-9)