Extend Coach Sendek

A lot of coaching openings are coming up. I know some will disagree with me but I think the last two years have shown remarkable improvement. I would hope we keep coach Herb and extend his contract so we can keep moving in the right direction. I don’t know when his contract expires so maybe it is not necessary to do so yet but I hope we keep him around. I have not been this excited about our prospects in a long time, and at a time when the whole league is getting better. If Podz stays, we could be a threat to Gonzaga and SMC dominance. GO BRONCOS!!!


I agree. Recruiting is part of coaching, and nabbing Podz was a coup. The ceiling for this year should have been an NIT bid. Sendek and staff made an NIT bid seem like kind of a disappointment. Such is the nature of the constant goalpost moving of fandom.

Not to jinx it, but none of the “other seven” WCC teams has had back-to-back NIT bids in at least 20 years. Yeah, you’d rather have USF’s NCAA tourney berth from last year than two trips to the NIT. But SCU is in much, much better shape now under Sendek than USF post-Golden.


I feel like what might work in our favor is his age. He’s slightly less attractive to “big programs” that are trying to invest in an up and coming youth coach.

I also don’t think he’s the type to go to a program on his own. I could be wrong but I think he’s been pushed out on his last couple stops at ASU and NC St.


Fine with me.

But the details matter…you can extend the coach allowing the coach to tell recruits with a straight face: ‘SCU extended me and I’m under contract through 202x’. But how much of that extension is guaranteed, what are the buyout terms? How about incentives for results/performance?
We may hear directly or via the grapevine of an extension but doubt the full details will be shared.

Regardless, I hope there are honest and direct discussions re: how and where they hope to get and be better, honest reflection on how they could have been better as a staff this year. Plenty of opportunity for improvement but the staff needs to be focused on actually doing that not just patting themselves on the back for landing Podz or having a slightly better than expected season.

I don’t think there’s any need to worry about Herb being sought out by other schools. In 7 seasons @ SCU he has 27 more wins than losses (and it’s not like he’s had the toughest schedules).
He’s really lucky that JWil grew like 9 inches and that Podz landed in his lap (otherwise I doubt his wins would out # his losses). Not that there isn’t some work that goes into that, but still seems like a good dose of luck.

Besides, from what I’ve heard he has 2 more years on his current contract.

Rome wasn’t built in a day. We have much better players and are winning more games than we have in many years. There’s no question we outperformed preseason expectations by finishing alone in third place. I’m not saying that I agree with every one of Herb’s coaching decisions, but I think he knows how to develop players and build a winning program. We’re lucky to have him.


I agree. I think Herb is slowly, methodically building a good program. It has taken a little longer for some of us long-suffering Broncos, but the quality of players we are now getting is vastly superior (with some exceptions from the KK era) to when Herb took over. I think Tilly, Tongue and Stewart are good examples of that in addition to the exceptional Jalen Williams and Podz. Of course, I would like to see a zone thrown in once in awhile, just for a possession or two, and perhaps a press occasionally, just to keep the other side off balance. A couple of possessions at the right time could win a game or two. I was right behind the bench in Las Vegas, and believe me, Herb was intense and after the refs right from the beginning of that game. I also noticed good communication with the players during the game. Overall, I think we are lucky to have him and I hope he sticks around for a long time.


I agree- extend Herb. Play a zone and/or press occasionally. Coach Madrey deserves a raise for finding Podz in the portal