Josip Vrankic

Josip posted a Instagram photo of himself going into surgery in Fremont today

Best wishes to Josip for a speedy and full recovery.

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So what was the surgery for???

Cool interview with Vrankic where he talks about multiple things, including his surgery: The JOSIP VRANKIC Story: Returning to Santa Clara, Wasatch Academy, Canada, Hip Injury & Herb Sendek - YouTube


I wonder if this explains some of his inconsistency and lower efficiency games. I hope so. I also hope he is sincere about not caring about his role or focus on him, because sometimes it seems like this season he felt a lot of pressure and didn’t always handle it the best.

Him going through his scoring averages by year…I was thinking “What if the team would be better next year with you scoring 10 or 12 a game?”

Love that he’s an active part of the Canadian pipeline and recruiting more Canadian players.

Having him and Djuricic on the same team could be a great opportunity for the media relations staff.

His explanation of the trials and travails of the last season was terrific, and I wish more people would have the empathy to understand how difficult that was and how unprecedented that was. And how that obviously impacted the way the season went on the court, even though he left out that part because that’s how the program teaches players to be. But you could hear in his explanation that it was very definitely a hardship.