Looking Ahead

Torvik tracks some interesting adjusted stats. Here is what they look like as of today for the WCC:

As you can see, we have a couple of glaring holes (ones that we’ve discussed anecdotally, but presented here it is statistically).

Our 3-pt defense is ABYSMAL; we rank 297th in NCAA D1.

Thankfully, USD is significantly worse than us in this category, so perhaps we can use the game to “get hot” going into the conference tournament.

Pepp’s defensive rebounding leaves a lot to be desired; if we can be aggressive on the o-glass, we can probably steal 10 pts or so right there. But we need to be smart about it not commit careless fouls.

Looking forward to wrapping up the season strong! And looking forward to a Vegas visit. :slight_smile:


I cut it down to conference play. Our issues on 3 point defense start to melt away because the WCC is just better at three point shooting lol.

Man, St Mary is just hellacious defensively.


We basically have the stats of a “pack line” defense without truly calling ours that, because well, it’s not.

Great rebounding and fouling/ft rates, poor turnover and 3pt rates.


You’re right…we have the stats you’d expect of a pack line D. Interesting that we have those stats while playing a very pedestrian M2M.

Fair observation.
Unfortunately our 2pt % Defense isn’t what you’d like to see for Pack-line style D, it’s above average but still pedestrian…combined with the poor 3pt % D results in our subpar #210 nationwide rank in eFG%. Our saving grace on defense has been generally stellar defensive rebounding.

I don’t know what Bennett and SMC call their D…but their outcomes match what you might expect from a well executed Pack Line style D…elite/exceptional 2pt% D, pretty good but not elite 3pt % D leading to their #16 rank in eFG% D. Add to that exceptional rebounding, somewhat modest but well above average TO’s generated (top 3rd in the country). Add all that up and you get the #4 D in the country.