Renee is stepping down

Just heard and it’ll be made public this afternoon that Renee Baumgartner is stepping down as AD. Apparently there’s a lot of family members with health issues that she would like to focus her time on. Super surprising news

That is. Especially given her new appointment to the NCAA selection committee. Sorry to hear about family health issues.

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Announcement below. Staci Gustafson takes over as interim AD. A search for a replacement will begin immediately. I have to think that the job, while still very much running a mid-major institution, is a lot more attractive post-Renee than it was before and hopefully the candidates reflect that.


Thank you Renee for all good work! Good luck with your family issues and your career.


Very sorry to hear about family issues. Focus on what is important, Renee, and I hope things work out for the best. Thanks for all you have done for SCU!


All the best to Renee and family.

I wonder about this. Definitely more attractive, but I wonder if the uncertainty of college sports at the mid major level gives folks pause.

I am probably overthinking it. :slight_smile:

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Don’t know about overthinking it but I wish her the best. I do believe she helped the mens basketball program and the facility improvements necessary for all sports. In my limited contact with her at Bronco Bench Golf Tournaments she was very nice and outgoing to all in our group. Women’s soccer has been Jerry Smiths work of art but in the other areas I give her credit. The whole NIL and transfer portal routine makes it more difficult to survive but we have improved under her leadership. Wish her and her family the best. She may have aging parents who need more care or some other issues and I totally support that family comes first. Her comments do not seem to indicate she has other plans in running sports programs. What this means for the NCAA basketball selection committee I do not know, but I respect her decision. I hope we can find another AD who can do as good a job and help Bronco sports survive in these tumultuous times


We were lucky to have her. I wish her the very best.

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