Santa Clara Basketball Broadcasting Options

Hello Everyone!

My name is Thomas Dunn and I’m the Sports Director at KSCU, the student radio station on campus and also the Sports Editor of The Santa Clara, the student newspaper. You may be familiar with Spencer McLaughlin and Jack Benjamin as some of my predecessors around campus announcing live for KSCU. I love the forum here to talk all things Santa Clara and want you to know I’ll contribute every now and then from what I know!

Also in addition, we will be broadcasting practically every home game for MBB and WBB (1 or 2 winter break games may fall through the cracks) and making some road trips as well. We’ve done a little soccer this year already, and there may be a tripleheader of games Saturday the 11th with w soc, mbb, and m soc :eyes:. So if you feel inclined to give us a chance or sync us up to the ESPN+ feed, I’d be appreciative of that support. We will always be live via

Road contests for us include Stanford (11/14), Cal (12/2), WSU in PHX (12/16), Duquense in Vegas (12/23), USF (2/10) with the possibility of adding SMC (1/31) and GU (2/24)

Can’t wait to see you all tonight in Leavey. Go Broncos🤝


Welcome, Thomas! And I will happily listen to the KSCU feed. Spencer and Jack did excellent work during their time and both have stayed in broadcasting. I hope that can be your path as well if it’s a goal of yours.


Oh absolutely. Last year we did the bulk of conference on KSCU but this year its all about scale and reach now that we have the fundamentals down. I’m looking for some sort of sports job when I’m older, whether that’s in broadcast or print journalism. Hopefully everything goes off without a hitch, especially in transitions from breaks tonight haha

Great to hear!

Getting ahead of my skis but is there a way to pause (I assume kscu will be slightly ahead) and link seamlessly with the espn+ visuals?

yes absolutely! on the kscu website there’s a pause/play button. In terms of whether it will jump back to what’s live when you unpause I’m not exactly sure. In my experience last year, KSCU was slightly behind ESPN/CBSSN/WCC so I figure it may be some of the same this year with ESPN+ being slightly ahead. If not I can find a workaround for St.Francis on Sat