WCC Commish Nevarez moves on to MWC

Maybe jumping while her stock is OK and prior to a GU departure???

Mountain West hires WCC commissioner Gloria Nevarez for same role (espn.com)


I don’t she is a fan of scu

Not a fan of hers either. She really did zero to strengthen the conference. And with BYU’s departure, she probably left since she had no idea how to strengthen the conference by bringing in schools of high academic standards like Denver…

I’m not sure that this move really says anything about the state of play with GU. It’s more likely that Gloria Nevarez sees herself as a possible candidate for the Pac-12 commish somewhere down the line but knows that she can’t make that leap from the WCC because we don’t have football.

Obviously the loss of BYU makes the job tougher, and she would probably love to seize the opportunity to hedge against GU also jumping ship under her tenure. If that happens, it will be a lot harder to float her resume for these other jobs.

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