WCC Tournament - Other Games

Portland went 9-19 from 3 in the first half yet somehow managed to only be tied with USD , 35-35.

Pilots win 92-74 over USD. Made 19 three pointers. They move on to face BYU.

Pepperdine about to play Pacific on BYUTV.

Pilots knocked down 3’s for sure, but those are 2 bad teams…I watched with half an eye and both those teams are horrendous.

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Pacific up 44-31 at the half against Pepperdine.

Pacific wins 84-71 . Don’t think Pepperdine got closer than 9pts in the second half. Amazing how few touches the Waves got Maxwell Lewis.

Do we think Romar is Pepperdine’s coach next season? Has finished 8th, 6th, 4th, 10th, and 10th in the WCC during the last 5 years. 46-73 in Conference play. 105-136 overall. My guess is he gets one more year at least but probably has to finish Top 4 in conference to keep his job.

The SCU game tips at 10:30 mountain time, and as the second game, is likely to get pushed. I love my broncos, but that’s tough.

USF or Pacific for us, right? I guess I’d rather play Pacific.

Good article here from SCU

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I want Pacific to beat USF. Pacific was impossibly hot when they beat SCU. I don’t think Santa Clara lets that happen again.


If there was an award for worst coach of the year Romar would win hands down. That Pepp team has some real talent. For them to only win 2 WCC games is beyond ridiculious.

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they are fairly young overall, so I’d give Romar another year or two – but if I’m the AD, I tell Romar that he’s gotta get a real X’s and O’s assistant coach on board (especially someone who is a defensive specialist).

This article sounds optimistic but they don’t expect to have it fully funded until 2026, so maybe not built until the 2030s? Gersten also stinks, but Firestone is right there among the worst arenas in the league.

I don’t know that much about the rest of the facilities… but I know Pepperdine is probably (besides BYU) the strictest/most religious school in the league, plus one of the worst facilities… It doesn’t feel super optimistic to me.

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It’s a bit outside of my base of knowledge, but I believe that there have been multiple efforts to renovate Firestone over multiple decades. But for all the difficulties that any university has with construction and renovation with permits and public hearings, they are compounded to the nth degree at Pepperdine. The local Malibuians are fiercely protective of their quality of life and property value (and aren’t exactly a loyal base of Pepperdine fans).

I wouldn’t expect much here. And does $250 million in Malibu even buy you a new bathroom these days, let alone a comprehensive campus renovation?


Very true. Having lived in the Bu I can attest whole heartedly that you can’t so much as sweep the ground without a permit. The costal commission basically just shoots down any new construction proposal if one is fortunate enough to be granted a permit.

Pepperdine is a complete entity to itself (couldn’t possibly obstruct any views or such) but them getting any new construction approved is likely rather difficult. On top of that the locals are not fond of Pepperdine (in fact there’s a faction that downright despises the university as they feel that Pepperdine benefits from Malibu, but gives very little back in return, and those people would certainly try to block anything Pepperdine wants to build).

As it stands Firestone is a mediocre high school gym (with great views when you step out the door), but I’d expect it will stay that way for my lifetime.


Patty and Nashty are both right that Firestone stinks.
If they can’t get a new areana built they should at least spruce up Firestone, replace all of the lower section bleachers with seatbacks, repaint, lighting, etc. SMC did that to McKeon and it a least looks better on TV.

Beyond that…for those who haven’t visited Pepperdine…the campus location/view/setting is about unbeatable. Across the PCH from the beach. Campus slopes up from the coast so most places on campus have unobstructed ocean views. Pretty hard to beat. Only downside is the campus is newish, moved from LA to Malibu in the early 70’s so the buildings are mostly 70’s/80’s architecture and lack the charm and character of older campuses.

And Patty is probably right…development costs are probably 2x what it costs in most places.

Romar…my take take from seeing/following him while at UW is that he is a well liked and respected man. Viewed as a mentor by his players and trust worthy and genuine by parents. Regarded as a ‘player’s coach’. All that contributes to his recruiting success. But for the later half of his UW tenure continued now through his time at Pepperdine he’s demonstrated that he can’t or doesn’t get the most out of the talent he has.

I’m a basketball fan beyond being a Bronco fan and in that vein it is painful to watch Romar trot out these very talented squads and then see them underperform regularly. This current Pepp roster has 2nd place talent that produced a 10th place finish and double digit loss in the 1st round of the tourney. Has to be horribly frustrating for Waves fans.


Back to the games…

Agree with 'Nashty, I’d also prefer to play Pacific. They create some matchup challenges but I suspect we learned our lesson in the loss and would be prepared to deal with their 3pt shooting. Plus, Tilly and Tongue’s minutes have steadily increased and they are both better suited to guard Pacific’s smaller, 3pt shooting frontcourt than Bediako…so there’s an answer there as long we use it.

ESPN has the USF - Pacific game going to the Dons -9 and the Dons won both of their regular season matchups. Hoping for the upset. Pacific has some reasonably athletic guards, hopefully they can commit to guarding Shabazz and Roberts close and at least slow them down.

Watching the Pacific and USF game. I was hoping for a Pacific WIN for payback - but San Fran went on an 8-0 run and are in halftime with the lead.

I came here for anyone in the know? Is tonight’s game sponsored by a BYU recruitment team or what? EVERY commercial is about BYU.

I bet it’s a simulcast situation with BYUtv. They’re probably handling the 1st several rounds before ESPN picks up the games.

Yeah, it’s a BYUtv broadcast

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Why would the tourney be on a BYU broadcast? The WCC does not have it’s own. But at least I see why I am aggressively being pushed to attend BYU. lol

San Fran lucky Pacific is tired tonight. Really want a Pacific win - they will be double tired. But Cam says he could care less which team - since SCU could take either on a good day. LOVE his attitude.


When BYU came into the WCC they offered to broadcast the WCC tourney games that weren’t picked up by ESPN. They have been doing it ever since. Honestly, it’s probably more professional that anything the WCC could come up with.