2024 Post-Season Predictions

The bad? We’re not an at-large team (nor maybe even an NIT at-large team), despite the schedule and arguable talent potential to do so.

The good? This is probably the best year in the last decade to win the WCC Tourney. Time will tell, but this is among the weaker GU teams since 2010-11 (a 25-10 squad that may not have danced had they lost in the WCC Tourney). SMC is also down commensurately and I don’t really fear USF, though they have a good team. And no BYU, who killed us over and over, especially before Sendek. We have the talent and the chance to do it.

A win Thursday would be very good for this program. To win 20 games again and find our way to the NIT would be tremendous continuity. If we somehow sneak into the NCAA, all the better. And if Bal ends up going in the draft, great. If not, it likely means he’s back next year. Win-win for SCU.


Agree, 'nashty.
The time is now, make some noise in the WCC when it’s at it’s weakest, ‘wait till next year’ usually leaves you disappointed and ‘next year’ ends up no better than the current year.

It’s unfortunate this squad has so many flaws and has been so mediocre in so many areas (TO’s, rebounding, defense, ugly offense at times reliant solely on 1on1 from Bal/Marshall/Bryan).
But the overall talent level, size and depth in the post on the wings (basically every position except PG) means this team is capable of beating anyone and everyone in the WCC.


As cool as it would be to get three guys in the draft in consecutive years–and I do think the Jalen/Podz combo is making a big difference in recruiting–it is so hard for SCU to keep starting over each year, even with more talent that the Broncos have ever had historically. Selfishly, I’d like to develop/recruit a really good PG and let Bal develop a little more to his game than elite scoring. That could be a set-up for an awesome next season. And I hear you, '92, that waiting for next season often leads to disappointment. But that’s just not the way my head or my heart work on these things.


I’ll go further and say SCU is a tough match up for every WCC team, including Gonzaga. Herb has got to find a way to engage something other than dribble, dribble, dribble, create and force a NBA type shot.
Don’t get me wrong, Bal and Marshall, (and Bryan too in my opinion) are great scorers and 1 on 1 players, but that can’t be the foundation and totality of your offense. Bal had to knock down 5 crazy difficult NBA shots late in the game with guys in his face just to slip past lowly Pepperdine.
SCU has the 2nd most talented team in the league, but Gonzaga, SMC, and USF play much more as a unit on offense… don’t even get me started with Herb’s no touch strictly man D… the only guy who rightly ignores Herbs directive and fights for position on D with his hands, legs, arms, and always has his body on another body is Tongue.
Frustrating to see a team that is this talented and honestly this close to Gonzaga and expect them to finish 4th or worse in the WCC, but that’s where I’m at.


Sorry if I missed this, but I think the NIT is purely a numbers game now (based on NET), so it doesn’t really matter how good USF & SMC are, correct?

I don’t think that is correct:

Looks like there is still some discretion.

Looks like you’re right. Thanks, Buckets!

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I could not agree with you anymore! Defense wins games.

Basically just turns the NIT into a tournament for big time programs that didn’t have a year worthy of the NCAA. With only 20 At large bids how many will go to smaller programs with quality seasons?
Still, even with bigger name schools who really cares about the NIT anyway? It’s a pretty meaningless tournament.


Just want to point out that @kevind716 had the best prediction of SCU’s conference play (unless I missed an even more closely accurate one from someone).

“10-6” :white_check_mark:
“4th place” :white_check_mark:
“1-5 against top 3, lay one egg” - close, we went 2-4 and laid 2 eggs
“win one game in the WCC tourney to get to 20 wins” - very possible

Nice job! Back in the day when Zig was around, he would’ve bought you a victory shot at the Orleans.


Sorry all. If I knew I wielded such power, I would’ve predicted we’d go 16-0.