22-23 non-conference schedule

The missing Dec. 3rd game:

Two in Utah in separate trips and none in Colorado… sigh.

I await the day they play the U of Denver and I walk to the game.

We have much positive mojo in Utah, the site of the 15 over 2 against UA… or did we use it all up?

Dunno about positive mojo in Utah. Haven’t we never won in Provo? I know that we lost the last time we played at Utah State (back in 2014, maybe?) When was the last time we won a game in the state of Utah? Honestly wouldn’t surprise me if you’d have to go back to '93.

Perhaps some strategy here…who knows? BYU leaves WCC after this season - maybe we are keeping the Utah beachhead “warm” (or keeping the snowpack cold) for later years. We have recruited from Wasatch Academy, and maybe we’re just figuring out a way to stay long-term relevant in the area. Would be great to see us hit Colorado…Boulder is always a nice spot.

We beat Utah in SLC on Nov 19, 2007. The score was 72-57. I remember it well, because I was there! It was KK’s first season.

Ha, yeah, forgot about those (can you blame me?)- positive mojo in SLC.

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Honestly, a heat map would be a kind of fun thing with a color spectrum based on the most recent win in a given state. Maybe if I get really bored someday soon, I’ll try creating one to add a little board parlor game.


In my humble opinion this years non-league schedule is quite demanding. I only see one real softy, Menlo, a few we should be able to handle but at least nine tough noon-league games. For those poking fun at Herb, given we lost some talent to graduation and the NBA, I would say we are upping the ante as far as competition goes. I hope this means we have confidence in the players returning and the new recruits to continue to stride forward with better basketball. I hope this translates into more student involvement at games. GO BRONCOS!!!


This is great. Fairly solid mid-major team. I give this schedule an A- to last year’s A. There are fewer “big” names which is worth docking a point or two just because beating a Stanford or a USC gets the students’ attention a little more. But as a through-and-through fan, there’s plenty to tune in for with this schedule. And with the WCC about as good as ever, SCU can probably lose 10 games and still feel decent about the NIT.