Adama Bal and the NBA

I could see him getting signed by the Warriors as a UDFA and getting assigned to Santa Cruz.

More likely, though, that he comes back to college in order to have a chance at being a first round pick in next year’s draft.

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Chron article on Bal:

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Solid performance from Bal in the first G League scrimmage with 11 points, 8 rebounds, and a steal. One TO. Highlight video here.

Bal was much less efficient in the next game, only getting 1 of his 6 shots to go in, plus a pair of free throws.

Bal didn’t get invited to the main Draft Combine this week. So he’s very likely either returning or going pro in Europe. The NBA Draft does not seem to be in the cards this year for Adama.


Talking to some basketball staff today and they both told me the team expects Bal to return to SCU. He didn’t impress any NBA teams at the G-League Combine but several Power 5 teams expressed their interest in him. Supposedly Kentucky offered him $800k in NIL & he turned them down.


So where does that put us on scholarships? Patty or 92, I’m thinking one of you had been tracking that.

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Over one scholarship, but that was the case last year as well. Someone is, presumably, a preferred walk-in with NIL payments covering tuition or something like that. CMJ allegedly had that arrangement last season.

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Current cost of attendance is ~$80,000. Doubt anyone is paying that, as Patty notes someone must be getting at least that much in NIL.

All strange IMO. As stated previously, very surprised Kosy and/or others decided to stay knowing Bal may return. Only so many minutes to go around and unlikely to have a consistent rotation of more than 10 guys playing meaningful minutes (say at least 8-10mins each).

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We are officially a bigger program than Kentucky!

Kidding aside, this HAS to be the deepest amount of returning talent since…?

Bal could flirt with getting drafted next year. I think the same could be said about Carlos if he’s fully healthy and gets back to his old self and then some. Tilly and O’Neil could play in Europe. Tongue continues to improve and bring intensity. 4 of those 5 mentioned being in their final year of eligibility.


After learning a few years ago Phillip Bach played professionally for 3 years I’m convinced anyone can play in Europe. I think Bach scored a grand total of 10 points in his SCU career

To be fair, there are different levels of leagues in Europe. You can be sure that Bal would be playing on a top-level team.


Buckets is spot on…Playing pro hoops in Europe can mean anything from playing in top national leagues with/against future or past NBA players to sharing a high school gym in Luxembourg with a handball team.

A bit like US minor league baseball…Triple A down through unaffiliated semi-pro leagues. Someone who barely made their college squad can chase their ‘pro’ dreams if they’d like.

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Tongue is tuning out all the noise and is going to MAKE A TON of it next season. More than I think anyone is prepared or anticipates. Just watch.


See physical testing results from the G League Elite Camp Testing results below.

Bal measured 6’-5.5" vs. his listed 6-7; did measure a good wingspan at 6-10.

But Bal didn’t help himself out on the athletic, speed/agility testing. Out of the ~44 players who attended, Bal was in the bottom 10-12 in all or most categories (vertical leap, lane agility, 3/4 court speed). Most of the guys who he beat are post players, was near the bottom compared to most guards and wings.

In addition to improving his D and rebounding and tightening up his ball handling and passing, it shows that Bal needs to work on his physical metrics…get in the gym and work hard on the speed/agility stuff and get stronger.

Link: 2024 G League Elite Camp Official Testing Results - The NBA G League