Podz and the NBA

I’m starting this thread because this will inevitably be a conversation that will pick up steam. Podz’s numbers are stellar and, although he has not been high on draft boards as of yet, neither was Williams at this time last year.

Here’s a pretty lengthy dive into Podz as an NBA prospect.

I’ll add more analyses as I find them–I’m expecting he’ll get at least a few deep looks over the next couple of months even if he doesn’t quite make the top-60 this season.


Thanks for posting Patty.

Lengthy but a good read.
Though I’m a ‘numbers’ guy, like stats and detailed analysis as much as anyone, my criticism of some the advance analytics used in articles like this is sometimes their data sources slice things so thin that the sample sizes get small and the end data becomes less meaningful or reliable and you risk some faulty or misleading conclusions.

I think the article accurately mentions some of the questions/concerns NBA guys may have with Podz…namely athleticism and ability to defend.

His athleticism and modest length dictates a certain ceiling defensively. While he grades out decent defensively, he’s doing so against average college talent, not NBA talent and athleticism game after game. I think he has great IQ, plays his butt off, has great instincts and anticipation but those traits will only take you so far when you’re trying to defend Donovan Mitchell or Jalen Brown.

Another question mark relevant for him and most perimeter players in today’s NBA is how will he shot the 3 from NBA range? Will the good college shooting translate to the longer NBA distance? Will he be a low/mid 30’s % 3pt shooter or will he be in the 40’s???

Finally, he plays one of the most competitive positions on the court with more depth than other roles/positions. Lots of great shooting guards/wings out there. NBA teams will take a flyer on posts or big men with question marks and holes in their game because the depth of talent in those positions is thin (there just aren’t that many 6’10" people walking the earth, particularly ones with more than an ounce of coordination)…that’s not the case with guards.

Ultimately, I think he has a legit shot at the NBA. Someone will notice and be enamored with the ‘IT’ factor I’ve mentioned in the past. Wouldn’t expect him to be a 1st round pick; 2nd round or highly sought free agent is more likely and he may have to prove himself in the D-league first on a 2-way contract.

Just my opinion…I’m not being paid to evaluate him or make the decision to draft him or not.


BballFemme…I sense your frustration with the program and Cam’s PT. I don’t pretend to know what you’re feeling and believe you are the only parent of a player on this board…at least to the best of my knowledge.

I’d be curious to know a little more about Cam beyond basketball. What’s his major? Has he enjoyed his time on campus?

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As a point guard (another year or two from now), Podz is a first rounder.

Chron article on Podz (behind the paywall)

SI Article on Podz draft prospects – currently projected for late first / early second

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WHOA! They are suggesting that he would get drafted that high THIS YEAR, after just his sophomore season? I hope he doesn’t leave, selfishly, but if he can be a first-rounder, more power to him.


Sam Vecenie of the Athletic put Podz on his 2nd Team All Transfer Team:

Re: the draft
I’m not quite at the point where I think he’s a legit NBA prospect for this season, but teams on that level are absolutely doing their due diligence on him more than many of the guys featured here.

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Can a student-athlete do unlimited transfers without sitting out a year? I thought the limit was just one-time without losing a year. The only thing worse than losing him to the NBA would be losing him to another school.

Worth noting, though, that despite what the article says, SI’s Mock Draft Board doesn’t feature him at all.

It seems like some folks really like him. Others are more cautious, probably due to the lack of freakish athleticism. I’m hoping he stays another year and, with another season of stellar results, gets his best shot.


I don’t believe that this is the policy yet but is being proposed and will likely get approved: one “free” transfer w/o sitting out, plus grad transfer rule remains in place. Players will have to weigh the benefits of sitting out a year if headed to their third school without a degree.

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That is a good policy. I have looked at the rosters of teams we play. Some of those guys have transferred 4-5 times in their careers! I think the notion of transfer needs to be heavily weighed. Last year, Cam road it out and returned this year. It started to look like a SECOND YEAR of sitting and, to me, I was 100% in favor of him transferring. But you have to weigh that heavily because you do not want to be that 4-5 time transfer guy. Which apparently - there are plenty of. HOW can you even get into a rhythm that way? I am all in favor of sitting out a year after you have transferred 1-2 times.

Just curious where you lie on a 1-10 scale of him transferring now? If you were a 10 earlier this season… where is it for you (not Cam)?

Sorry for the off topic question.

On podz, i don’t know if I buy it on the nba where he’s going to go up against athleticism way above his. But could be a poor man’s Goran Dragic?


I am OKAY with Cam staying if he continues to average 15 mins per game. Personally, I think he could give more - but maybe after another summer of continued hard work and development of that 3 pt range - we may get more glimpses of him as a Junior.

I did not discuss my desire for him to leave with him - as I want him focused during the season. I asked him at Christmas how he felt about things and he said “I just have to get better and show coaches I can do it”. Figured I would leave it at that and let him work through it and continue to bash my head on a wall in frustration in the meantime. lol


BballFemme: I hope Cam sticks around and avoids transferring until he does 4 years at SCU and has a graduate year. I really see HS trusting him more and more, and Cam’s fitting into the system better and better. Also, don’t underestimate the value of being at a Silicon Valley school – whether or not Cam has a professional basketball career ahead of him, the average professional career is very short (3.5 years if I remember correctly), but the relationships that he builds with Silicon Valley’s future leaders will last a lifetime (and FYI, I believe that it is still true that a majority of SCU graduates remain in the Bay Area, or at least California).


On another subject: given that you are based on the East Coast, could you give us some insight on the quality of play in the NEBL (New England Basketball League)? One of our commits, Luke McEldon is a 6’11" (yes, folks, he’s still growing, when he committed he was 6’10") center with Cushing Academy (in VA, which is weird that they would be in a New England league). I have to say, I am really excited at the prospect of having two legitimate 7-footers (one a sophomore, one a freshman) on the roster next year.

Also, could really open up Cam’s game by giving him more mismatches against smaller guys if HS ever puts a “twin-towers” lineup on the court.

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Luke McEldon plays in the same circuit that Cam came from, the NEBL. He is from VA and returns to VA in summer to run with his AAU program, Virginia Elite. I think he had a season with Team Loaded - Cam used to battle them in AAU a lot and they are physical too.

AA NEPSAC school is high competition.

Side note how our C school beat the AA school: (Cams Alma Marter Rivers is freakishly good at recruiting for b-ball. We had Cam, of course, and Terrence Clarke who ran with us until he transferred to Brewster. Terrence went early into D1 NCAA ball with Kentucky. He sadly died in a car accident here in CA before going into the NBA draft. Jermaine Samuels who played at Villanova and is now in G-League. Finally, Azar Swain who led Yale into NCAA tourney two years in a row.) These were all kids who ran with Cam at Rivers - so this is the quality you can expect from any NEPSAC kid. I’m THRILLED he committed to Santa Clara.


Buckets beat me to the question about McEldon. Thanks for the encouraging info. Some added physicality would be great.


Add: just looked at the Athletic’s updated draft—No Podz. But then, it took JW a while to rise. Is Podz/ Dante Di Vincenzo a stretch? Hope he stays another season, but if the opportunity arose…

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Dante isn’t a bad comparison for Podz but I’d say Dante was/is more athletic and with some true PG skills.

I don’t see Podz being a regular point guard in the NBA…put a typical NBA athletic pt guard on him and he’ll have a hard time turning the corner, penetrating and creating. Podz is better off as an off the ball playmaker, coming off screens shot the 3 or not, slash if they over play 3.

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