Jalen Draft Process

Jalen was invited to the NBA Combine that takes place next week. Also, Mike Schmitz has some film of him here going through a light workout.

Great to check in on 21-year-old Santa Clara star Jalen Williams earlier this week. Easy to see him generating substantial 1st round buzz during the pre-draft process. Super skilled in PnR w/ a 7-2 wingspan and defensive versatility. Averaged 18-4-4 on 55% from 2 and 40% from 3. pic.twitter.com/0WQtzmBZmz

— Mike Schmitz (@Mike_Schmitz) May 11, 2022

At this point I think it’s safe to say he will be fully committing to the draft, and I can’t be more happy for him. Jalen was my favorite player ever since he committed. He has the perfect size and game for the modern NBA. I just hope the Warriors draft him so I can get a jersey to support him haha. It’ll be great to have a Bronco in the league. Hoping for the best!!


I echo that and he sounds like a terrific young man by all accounts. I have found him both gracious and humble when interviewed…Two traits not seen in many athletes, or in many people in general for that matter.

Wish Jalen all the best and know that he has made the SCU community proud, and no doubt will continue to do so both on the court and off the court most importantly.


Largest wingspan differential in the entire combine.

Largest Wingspan Differentials
9.75 Jalen Williams, Santa Clara
9.25 Ron Harper, Rutgers
8.25 Wendell Moore, Duke
7.75 Ryan Rollins, Toledo
7.5 Trevion Williams, Purdue
7.5 Aminu Mohammed, Georgetown
7.5 Marjon Beauchamp, G League Ignite

— Jonathan Givony (@DraftExpress) May 18, 2022

He also received some sleeper love from John Hollinger of the Athletic, including a couple clips of Jalen cooking Holmgren. Hollinger: Top 20 and Three Sleepers


Welp. Seems like Jalen is gone. I was in denial up to this point, but all signs point to go, from NBA scouting profiles to SCU’s recruiting to his own announcement. And frankly, I agree with the others on here who have stated that, in the long-run, Jalen getting drafted is probably more valuable for the program than having Jalen back an extra year. That helps a lot on the recruiting pitch to the next Jalen-to-be.


Good luck to Jalen in the draft. Maybe he can become a Warrior!! A Bronco in the NBA would be a good thing for him and SCU.


Rumblings from the NBA combine in Chicago

“Don’t be surprised if Jalen Williams ends up as a lottery pick” #NBACombine

— Rafael Barlowe (@Barlowe500) May 19, 2022

He is proving to be much more athletic than people expected.


That would be a great achievement for Jalen and beneficial to us as well, but not going to get ahead of things.
If you scan the twitterverse, NBA draft websites, mock drafts on ESPN and from various journalists you’ll probably find 25-40 different ‘potential’ lottery picks.
Just hoping he lands in the 1st round period…mid-1st or lottery pick would be gravy.


I think Jalen is quickly becoming a first round lock. Lottery may be pushing it, but I’m obviously rooting for it.

He’s definitely a Twitter Mock draft riser!


By no means is this a done deal…hopefully he has surrounded himself with the right people. He needs to be absolutely certain he’s a 1st rounder, otherwise it’s a big mistake as another year at SCU likely makes him a for sure top 20 (maybe lottery) pick.

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I haven’t gotten to the second Combine game yet from today, but if my text messages from scouts are any indication, Jalen Williams from Santa Clara is this NBA Draft Combine’s big winner.

— Sam Vecenie (@Sam_Vecenie) May 20, 2022

Jalen Williams showed his versatility and skill with a strong all-around performance today, finishing with 19 points on 7/8 shooting. Made some nice passes and played strong defense as usual. Has a lot of NBA fans at the NBA Combine. pic.twitter.com/hND0bcTaQJ

— Jonathan Givony (@DraftExpress) May 20, 2022

One scout on Jalen Williams at the NBA Combine:

“Everyone did a double take looking at his measurements the first day and he looked good in the floor today. [Jalen] Williams is going to be the biggest riser in this draft class and will go in the first-round.”

— Brett Siegel (@BrettSiegelNBA) May 19, 2022

I think if you get that first round guaranteed money, you have to go.

I agree that being in the Top 20 is preferred, but the difference between 20th (2.3M) and 30th (1.9M) isn’t worth coming back to school.


No doubt if you’re a 1st rounder, there’s no question to ask, just go. Hope those twitter feeds are speaking the truth…

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Chet signed with BDA Sports Management (Santa Clara’s Bill Duffy). I assume Jalen will do the same since he and Chet were working out at the same gym pre-draft combine.

NBA Draft Combine 2022: 5+ winners, 2+ losers from testing, measurements, scrimmages - SBNation.com

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Yep, Jalen… and Parker’s brother Christian Braun both officially signed with Bill Duffy’s BDA Sports.

BDA Sports + WME Sports are proud to announce we have added Jalen Williams, Christian Braun, and Jabari Walker to our 2022 NBA Draft Class! pic.twitter.com/qyHGupsuSA

— WME Sports (@WME_Sports) May 24, 2022

Makes sense after his showing.

It’s a rare problem for SCU basketball (has anyone ever left early to go pro?), we’d be lucky to have it more often. I am praying for Jalen’s continued success (and hopefully a first round pick for the security and money).