Awards- Podz Co-Player and Newcomer, Stewart 1st Team, Justice 2nd Team

2022-23 All-WCC Men’s Basketball Major Individual Honors
Co-Players of the Year: Brandin Podziemski, Santa Clara; Drew Timme, Gonzaga
Coach of the Year: Randy Bennett, Saint Mary’s
Newcomer of the Year: Brandin Podziemski, Santa Clara
Sixth Man of the Year: Malachi Smith, Gonzaga
Defensive Player of the Year: Logan Johnson, Saint Mary’s

2022-23 All-WCC Men’s Basketball First Team

Name Yr. Pos. School
Logan Johnson Sr. G Saint Mary’s
Aidan Mahaney Fr. G Saint Mary’s
Brandin Podziemski So. G Santa Clara
Tyrell Roberts Sr. G San Francisco
Mitchell Saxen Jr. C Saint Mary’s
Khalil Shabazz Sr. G San Francisco
Cam Shelton Sr. G LMU
Carlos Stewart So. G Santa Clara
Julian Strawther Jr. G Gonzaga
Drew Timme Sr. F Gonzaga

2022-23 All-WCC Men’s Basketball Second Team

Name Yr. Pos. School
Marcellus Earlington Sr. G San Diego
Keshawn Justice Sr. F Santa Clara
Maxwell Lewis So. F Pepperdine
Fousseyni Traore So. F BYU
Moses Wood Jr. F Portland

2022-23 All-WCC Men’s Basketball Freshman Team

Name Pos. School
Juan Sebastian Gorosito G Portland
Dallin Hall G BYU
Aidan Mahaney G Saint Mary’s
Moe Odum G Pacific
Jevon Porter F Pepperdine

2022-23 WCC Men’s Basketball Honorable Mention Selections
Keylan Boone, Pacific; Alex Ducas, Saint Mary’s; Spencer Johnson, BYU; Keli Leaupepe, LMU; Tyler Robertson, Portland; Anton Watson, Gonzaga


Glad for Podz. And deserved, I think. This is pretty consistent with my expectations. Bennett over Sendek is definitely a defensible choice and perhaps even the right choice. I’m glad that Podz got the recognition for being statistically even or even better than Timme, and the national noise around Timme was silenced in favor of just a genuine analysis of the numbers.

Stewart for 1st team and Key for 2nd team is maybe the inverse of my expectations, but I’m glad both made the list. If we keep all the contributors into next season (minus Key), the conference will really be on notice.


Happy for Podz and agree it’s deserved.
When I predicted Timme as POY in the other thread I did so knowing the GU/national hype, his All-American status, returning POY, 4th year WCC guy, etc. and all the narratives and presumptions that go with those things. It would have been the easy, expected and defensible choice for the coaches. But glad they rolled up their sleeves, considered the stats and just as importantly what Podz has meant to the success of this SCU team.

I agree the Stewart vs. Justice result is inverse of what I expected (not that Stewart doesn’t deserve it)…just thought ‘career achievement’ would win the day there.

Rest of the picks are mostly what I expected and don’t have a beef with

Once exception…the Maxwell Lewis pick makes me wonder if they’re looking at overall season stats/performance or just WCC stats. Lewis had a strong non-conf slate but his stats tanked in WCC play, scoring was down, eFG% went down etc. Lewis’s Torvik PRPG! was 27th in the WCC for the season and 40th in WCC-only play. Not stats that warrant 2nd team All-League. That selection seems to be based on talent/hype/potential and less on actual performance.

I’m a bit biased as a Spokane guy who watched Anton Watson play here locally in HS but I’d put Watson over Lewis on the 2nd team without hesitation. Watson might not score like Podz but similar to Podz he just makes winning plays and does a bit of everything for his team. Not to mention he was 7th in Torvik PRPG! in WCC play and he’s one of the top 2 or 3 defenders.