Biggest week since '07

Maybe I shouldn’t bring this up and open old wounds…but what the heck.

In Davey’s last season of 2007, the Broncos team of Denison, Bryant, Pariseau, Angley, Dougherty and Henke came on strong during WCC play. We beat Gonzaga (in Spokane no less) and were sitting in 1st place in the WCC entering the final week of WCC games w/ a one game lead over GU. The schedule set up nicely with a road trip through LA to play LMU (6th place) and Pepp (tied for 7th).
Winning both games and securing the league title would have: 1) given us an auto-bid to the NIT; 2) put us in the conversation for an NCAA tourney; 3) knocked GU off their throne for at least that season.
Instead, the Broncos suffered heartbreaking, narrow losses, by 1pt to LMU and in OT to Pepp and finished 1 game back of GU.
Then beat 3rd place SMC in the tourney semifinal before losing to GU by 9 in the finals…Broncos finish 21-10, no tourney, no NIT, Davey departs.

This week’s games remind me of that final week of league play in '07. Maybe these games aren’t quite as important since 1st place is not on the line, but the outcomes may dictate whether we make the NIT or not and may have bearing on seeding for the WCC tourney and how deep we advance.

Not looking to jinx us…more an opportunity to exorcise the demon.


I remember that week. The LA trips back then were always a huge risk. For some reason, it was nearly impossible to sweep both games, regardless of LMU’s or Pepp’s records. I sincerely hope that our boys have the mental strength to stay focused and keep their eyes on the prize.

I watched some of Pepp’s game vs. Portland, they were draining threes (11-20) and they outrebounded Portland. The Waves only lost by three on the road to a surging Pilots squad. We’d better not take them lightly, especially as they sport a respectable 7-8 home record 0-12 on the road).


A tweet to this effect was posted in the other thread, but all the commentary I’m seeing states that SCU will be the three seed with two wins this week. Easier said than done, but I’m hoping here.

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Agree Buckets.
Pepp has some talent but they are extremely young…have been starting 3 true freshmen recently, 4 true freshmen for a game or two.
Plus a lot of injuries to veteran guys and their top grad transfer, Keith Fisher, who was starting and a top contributor left the team in January.
It was expected to be a rebuilding season with Ross and Edwards turning pro but has really been a mess of season for them.
But still can’t overlook them…they have some young guards who are athletic, talented and can shoot it, those guys get hot and drain their 3’s and we could be in for dogfight.

Pepperdine appears to be playing their best ball of the year. As '92 said, they are very young. I have seen some of the NBA draftniks refer to Houston Mallette as a legit NBA prospect. His matchup with Jalen will be a very good one. Their offensive and defensive metrics are terrible (shoot a poor%, rebound poorly, don’t get to the line, and turn it over a lot) but they have found something on offense the last 3 games and are certainly capable of beating us.

Agree Bob.

There’s also a subplot here for Pepp & SCU. Pepp had a very good 2021 recruiting class, and 3 of their recruits were guys SCU/Sendek pursued and offered but they chose Pepp and Romar over SCU and Sendek.

  • Houston Mallete (offered by SCU and several WCC schools plus some low end P6 schools; averaging 13pts a game; his game is ahead of Stewart’s and Jalen’s as a frosh).
  • Mike Mitchell Jr. (Romar snagged him from our backyard from Archbishop Mitty HS; their starting pt guard all season, good 3pt shooter @ 41%, 9pts, 5 assists per game).
  • Carson Basham (6-10 center from PHX, offered by the Broncos and other WCC’s, recently entered their starting lineup. Looks like a solid big man from the Pepp games I’ve seen).

Romar also landed 4 star wing Maxwell Lewis but it’s been a roller coaster season for him…Pepp held him out of their first ~6 games while the NCAA was reviewing his eligibility. Was then cleared to play and has had some big games for them, entered their starting lineup recently but has missed the last few games (not sure if injured, COVID or his current status).

Lots of talent but about as young as a team could be.

I’ll get a Pepp game thread posted this evening.

I noticed the other day that Pepp’s Kessler Edwards was drafted 44th in 2021. Not sure if I forgot or never saw, but I thought that was interesting. Not very common for a non-GU WCC school, least of all Pepp these days.

I hope they get that new gym built. I have always had a minor soft spot for them because growing up in Sacramento, Doug Christie was a great Kings player from Pepperdine.

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Loved Doug Christie, too. Plus, let’s face it, Pepperdine has the most beautiful and scenic campus in the country…IMHO

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Its a beautiful spot, but I need a little more history to the buildings on a college campus…

Where have you gone, J Cardoza? Isn’t he a Malibu-ite (Malibu-tonian?) or nearby…?

For reference to my jealousy, it is 9 degrees currently in Denver, and we may not get up to our high of 10.

I’m with 'nashty. The setting/views/location are tough to beat.
But most of the school relocated from LA to Malibu in the early 70’s when the campus was initially developed. Many of the buildings have that 70’s & 80’s vibe, not exactly the pinnacle of American architecture. Yes, nitpicking a bit.

All true 92, except for one small bit. “Then beat 3rd place SMC in the tourney semifinal before losing to GU by 9 in the finals…Broncos finish 21-10, no tourney, no NIT, Davey departs.”

That 2007 team did receive an NIT invitation, which was turned down by the school… It had been revealed just before the WCC tourney in a Merc News story by Jon Wilner that Davey’s “retirement” was news to him, and not his choice. There were some seriously negative feelings associated with the firing and those that made the choice wanted to stop the chatter and move on. Thus the thanks for the invite, but no thanks.
Obviously this was not published as nobody wanted more egg on their face, but you can imagine the bad press if SCU were to win the NIT with their lame duck coach.

I live in Malibu… yes, the view is beautiful. The campus is really small, the buildings are rather mundane and there isn’t much to do there that doesn’t involve the ocean, unless you get chased by one of the mountain lions that walk through campus (but really who needs that excitement?)

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Good knowledge Bet - I had no idea how that went down. And it seems the bad feelings persist even today amongst those coached by Davey (both as assistant and head coach).