Broncos in TBT - Living the Dream

Some Bronco support is needed!

A bball team inspired by the late Pat Welsh '89 is being formed under the name “Living the Dream” to compete in TBT this year. For those who don’t know, TBT (The Basketball Tournament) is a 64-team, single elimination, $1 million winner-take-all tourney with an Elam ending. Living the Dream will donate a large portion of its winnings to cancer research in Pat’s name. Two of Pat’s sons, Thomas and Henry, will play for Living the Dream along with Broncos Josip Vrankic, PJ Pipes and Matt Jasaitis, among other strong players.

Living the Dream has the players but TBT also considers a team’s “following” measured by, among other things, social media when selecting the 64-team field. LTD is not in the field yet and is seeking one of the 24 at large bids. Unlike a lot of TBT teams that are solely connected to one particular school and its “following”, Living the Dream is centered around the Welsh family/friends and will have players from Santa Clara, UCLA, Harvard, UConn and possibly others. LTD wants to tap into each of these school’s fanbase.

LTD social media is still a bit in progress but is up under @LiveItTBT on Instagram and Twitter (same for both). Please follow these accounts and be active on them, if you can, and as soon as you can (TBT is working on bids now). TBT said that they want both followers and activity!

Some dates to know:

June 13 - TBT 64 team bracket reveal
July 19 - First round starts (games are on ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNU and/or streamed)

Go Broncos!


JB89…I am so sorry to hear of Pat’s death. I saw that he passed away five years ago from cancer, and my much belated condolences to his entire family.

Pat and I were both on 6th floor Swig as freshmen and played on the same intramural basketball team for a couple years if I recall correctly.

We weren’t close friends or stayed in touch upon graduation, but I remember him as a terrific guy. I assume by your handle, a SCU Class of 89 grad?

RIP Pat Welsh


Hey Pete. This is Jack Bycraft. Go 6th Floor, go Broncos!

I hope we get some Bronco support for Josip, PJ and Matt in TBT!


It’s been a LONG time. I figured that it may be you or John Biggi (JB).

I’ll reach out to you soon and would live to catch up. I know South Bend is home and assume you live in the midwest.

Brandin is a Warrior now!!!


Missing the Dream at USC!!!:rofl:

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