Help Support BroncoHoops / WakeUpSwig

Hi All -

As has become annual tradition, we will do a quick two week fundraiser to help cover the costs associated w/ keeping the site running in 2024.

100% of the proceeds go to the expense of the forum platform. I am happy to cover $100 of this and thus set the fundraiser to $1100.

Every little bit helps and thanks in advance. It is great to see what this site has become over the last few years (partially thanks to the tech and a lot of thanks to everyones engagement) and the platform is quite the upgrade from the old Broncohoops of the days (RIP Zig, love ya).

-Taylor Thorn '08


Just made my small donation. Hopefully we can get a good response. Thanks for everything that you and the rest of the team do.

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Many thanks @buckets!

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Hi folks,

The Broncos won (finally) so we are passing the collection basket around. We don’t want RedHat to be subsidizing all of our awesome looking forum. So please give what you can spare to keep us running, whether you’re a lurker from Moraga or a die hard Bronco who will be buried on Bellomy–your money is good here to keep this forum going!

Go Broncos!


Thanks @PattyMac! A few folks have made donations since you posted and we’re nearing the 50% mark. I’ll keep it open for the rest of the year as we try to reach our goal of $1100!


Done. Thanks for hosting the forum!

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Bumping this up again. Hopefully we can get up to our goal of $1100! Thank you to all who have helped so far!

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Thanks @PattyMac - we’re getting close to our goal thanks to the generosity of many here. One final push, thanks in advance!