In case you missed it, Pepperdine just won a National Title

Pepperdine outlasted the other 7 teams in the prestigious CBI tourney(which included sub .500 teams and such notables as Army, Longwood, Stetson etc).

If only we could bring back the glory days of KK and his 2 national titles. Such great memories… playing the title game in a practice gym (the regular gym was hosting a career night), KK throwing his own mini parade and handing out cash to students who came to these “tournament” games.

In the first 5 years Herb hasn’t been able to soar to such heights, but it follows that year 6 will be magical. I hear 2021-22 SCU season tickets are going fast.

don’t forget when KK declared SCU as the “Syracuse of the West” for his successful usage of zone defense during those title runs.

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Where is the laugh react?

And of course, I did miss it bc it’s totally pointless. Then and now. But hey it boosted KK’s career record by 10 or however many wins.

Hopefully playing that nonsense will show Ross that another year would be a waste of his time and market value.

Ironically, Syracuse is in the Sweet 16 bc of their offense. Buddy Boeheim is the new JJ Redick…punchable face and all.

How the hll does Jim Boeheim have a 21 year old kid? His wife had to be like dmmit Jim, this kid better be worth it.

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Definitely had to chuckle at the memory of not being able to play George Mason in their regular gym… Pretty sure it was the second game of two, because the CBI used a NBA playoff-type finals format at that point.

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