Closed Door Scrimmages

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Santa Clara beat UCLA. Good news for Broncos. I was informed Cam did everything right. The quote was “His minutes were not a function of him not playing well”. In fact he played quite remarkably. He rebounded on both ends. Had a nice put back basket. Made some nice athletic stops. Closed out on defense. Kept his man off the boards and without any points.

However his minutes were minimal. Guess a hustle guy who fights for points/boards, cleans up on the weak side and is physical - is not what Broncos want/need.


Thanks for the intel 'fanatic and 'femme.
UCLA lost most of their starters and playing rotation from their very good 2022/23 squad including Jaime Jaquez, but still good to hear we showed well against them.

'femme- it’s early and just a scrimmage, I wouldn’t sweat Cam’s lack of PT. As has been discussed, we have a deep team but also a lot of new faces and frosh, coaches may have been focused on playing the new guys more so they could see them in a live game situation first-hand. Cam’s in his 3rd season in the program, they know what they can expect from him. Just to put things in perspective…no one on this roster has played more minutes in a Bronco uniform than Cam.


Really great to hear that they were competitive with UCLA. That’s a very young squad but still projected as a tournament team and upper part of the PAC 12.

I agree with 92. Not worth reading too much into a scrimmage regarding playing time. Cam has a niche that isn’t duplicated by any other player on the roster, being quicker and with more bounce than Tilly or Caffaro and stronger than O’Neil. Plus I see Bukky and McEldon as likely redshirts.

Cam will get minutes.


Pretty cool, but with the usual caveats on secret scrimmages–the coaches experiment a lot more and make decisions around playing time that won’t carry over to the season. UCLA sitting its three main bigs is more indication to take all of this (results, playing time, etc) with a pretty heaping gulp of salt.

But I’m a fan just like everyone else, so I’ll hold onto some real hope for the season ahead. UCLA is a blue blood that can get four-star guys just for the deep bench. I’ll take any win there. :slight_smile:


Glad to see Carlos is healthy and ready to contribute.