Santa Clara Preview in the Offseason

Long time no see everyone! Just wrapped up my Santa Clara career and graduated the other week and could not be more thrilled with my time on campus.

That doesn’t mean we stop talking Santa Clara hoops. I got to go on Zack Farmer’s Unofficial WCC podcast the other day to talk the Broncos (18 minute mark onwards) SCU WCC Pod

(admittedly had brain fog on omitting Cam Tongue as someone to watch who makes winning plays, that’s on me after singing his praises then just forgetting)


That’s okay. We want him to stay under the radar until our first game and opponents are like “where the heck did he come from?”


Great work, Thomas.

A dumb hill that I will die on is that SCU was better than USF last year. They traded games, but SCU led the majority of both and by quite a lot in the first outing on the Hilltop. Only a questionable ejection of Tilly and some late game heroics saved USF there.

I fully expect SCU to be a full tier better than USF this season and will be disappointed if they don’t deliver.


I believe the broncos were ultimately without 5 players in that game. Bal was out to start, BK got injured during the game, and then 3 ejections (CMJ, Tilly and one other). And then there was the crap call at the very end. Very entertaining, nonetheless!


Jaylen Benjamin was the 3rd player tossed. I don’t recall them being very much in the game when they came to Santa Clara to play. If memory serves me - we pretty much had control of that entire game.