Did I miss this Transfer?


Good find. Quick read of his bio details a VERY basketball family. His Mom played at Mizzou and his father walked on at Kansas before transferring to St. Louis. His brother Christian averaged 10pts per game at Kansas this year. Parker walked on at Missouri before earning a Scholarship. Interesting prospect. Was not a regular rotation guy for Missouri but was definitely more than a garbage time player as he averaged 9 minutes per game. This could be a sneaky good pickup. The advanced analytics really like his game because he shot 40% from 3, 60% from 2, and had 0.7 blocks per 9 minutes. WCC seems like a good fit for him and he might be the heir apparent to Josip.

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The block at 1:52 is impressive. He has some bounce.


And a dunk… MIZZOU MADNESS: Parker Braun's 1st Dunk - YouTube


I wonder how many of these recruits are a direct result of Gonzaga making the final. Rising tide, etc etc.

By “recruits” I’m also referring to the haul others in the league in the last couple days - especially Usf which we haven’t discussed.


This 20 character limit is dumb.

Nice find. I like the fact that he has 3 years of eligibility. Edit: one article says 3 years remaining, while another says 2 years. Either way, nice add, Sendek!

Does this portend another departure from the team?

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He’s played 2 but there’s the free year.

I have to assume his defense and rebounding wasn’t good enough to play more bc his offense was definitely good enough.

They had a bunch of seniors but seems like more than just playing time led him to transfer.

So, I had to make a chart because I was losing track of what was what. Does this look right?

I found it more useful to list them by senior class year because of the flux of extra year eligibility and all that. And I’m not getting too hung up about the positions. Guard just basically means you’re probably not going to play the 4 or 5. Wing means you’re probably not going to play 1 or 5 (if someone wanted to say Pipes is a wing, I wouldn’t argue it, but I don’t think he can play 4, so I made him a guard). And Forwards means you’re probably mainly going to play 4 or 5, and almost certainly not 1 or 2. Even these position designations seems overly restrictive.

2021 2022 2023 2024 2025
Guards (Carlyle) G. Williams Tomley Knapper
Pipes J. Williams Stewart
Wings (Mitchell) Justice Beselink
Forwards Vrankic Djuricic Bediako Holt
Braun Tongue

Couple more links. First one is an interesting article from The Kansas City Star that says he had offers from LSU, Arizona, Nebraska, and Mississippi out of high school.

Braun Family at Center of MU Tigers - KU Jayhawks Rivalry

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Another article. Basically it is as I surmised. Post D, rebounding, family doesn’t like the coach. Maybe a side of kid needs to get away from home, too.

Sounds like a project, but a high potential one. Was late developing in high school as well.

High level offers is encouraging.

Post defense and rebounding are not. Seems like a bouncy athlete, welcome to SCU!

This looks right to me. And the numbers seem to work out, dropping Carlyle, Mitchell, and now Caruso leaves us at 14, with Josip’s scholarship not really counting. Hopefully that’s the end of the roster turnover, and they can start to get to know each other and develop the team dynamic for next season.

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Unfortunately, Caruso leaving means we lose one of the countries on our UN frontline haha.

Was thinking we might have Italy, Finland, Croatia, Serbia, and two provinces of Canada covered. :slight_smile:

Not a bad way to look at it, but some of the years are off.
Pipes and Djuricic were seniors this year, same year/situation as Vrankic so seems they should be listed the same year.
And since everyone gets a ‘free’ season all the others should be pushed out a year…Justice is 2023 (he’ll be a ‘junior’ again in 2021/22), J & G Williams and Bediako are 2024, Tomley and the incoming recruits are 2025.

The way I look at it, the 2021s, under normal circumstances, would be done.

Djuricic has played 3 years. I don’t know if that means he has 1 to go or if he could go to 2. But he has at least 1. So I put him in 2022. Pipes I guess you’re right, would be in 2021 bc he has played 4 years and normally would be done.

Braun has had a redshirt year, and two playing years, and I have no idea what that means because there’s the extra year but there’s also normally you have to complete your eligibility in 5 years from the beginning of the use of it, which would be his redshirt year. So yeah, no idea.

So I’ll move Pipes but like Vrankic, we know he’ll play.

So I’ve edited my original post to make that change, and to erase Caruso.

As an end result I believe Djurcic’s situation is effectively the same as Vrankic and Pipes. 2020/21 would have been Djuricic’s 4th, senior and final season if not for the Ivy’s decision to not play…but that was a voluntary decision by the Ivy, not really anything to do NCAA rules. I don’t believe Djuricic gets 2 years of additional eligibility, as such 2021/22 will be his final season, the same as Vrankic and Pipes…

But…maybe I’m misunderstanding the NCAA rule or guidance on this…the NCAA isn’t exactly known for logical rules and decisions.



I am sure most of you saw this but they made it official yesterday. Looks like he has nice form on his 3pt shot.

Short highlight clip if you click play on the image.

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