Stewart, Braun & Bediako

Stewart started and played 22mins with 9pts and 4rebs in LSU’s blowout win over Miss Valley St.

Braun came off the bench for #1 Kansas and had 10pts, 5rebs, 3 assists and a block.

Jaden started for Seton Hall, played 19mins with 4pts, 5rebs and a block in their modest win over St. Peter’s.


That’s a nice stat line for Braun. Based on the box score, he was the first player off the bench. I don’t know if Jayhawks held anyone out due to injury, but Braun’s impact this year may be greater than I thought personally.

Thanks 92bronc!


Happened to catch LSU/Syracuse tonight. Looks like an absolutely terrible fit for Carlos Stewart from a basketball perspective. In the last 4 games he has scored a grand total of 10 points despite playing over 20 minutes a game. He just kind of floats around the perimeter on a bad Power 5 team with no point guard and selfish players. Appears to have lost his confidence.

Jaden is playing very well for Seton Hall. They are probably at best an NIT team but Bediako is providing them a solid double double threat every night.

Parker is only getting a few minutes a night for Kansas but they might win a national title so no shame in that.

Giordan Williams is averaging 3.3 pts for Montana in 21 minutes. Jacob Holt is averaging 4.3 points for Sacramento State in 13 minutes.


Are players (sorry “student athletes”) allowed to transfer back to a school?

Kidding aside, hope Carlos finds his way - he was able to go back home and play for probably his dream school. That’s an ideal scenario we can supply a former bronco.

We’ve gotten lucky in the transfer portal both with our imports (Podz, Bal, etc etc), but our exports have also shone well on SCU by providing players the opportunity to go to the next level - NBA or power 5 school.

But the grass isn’t always greener and that’s a very difficult decision to make to; one that you’ll never really know the answer to.

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