WCC Transfers

That time of year. Creating a thread to track transfers into or out of WCC teams.

Mike Meadows from Portland has entered the portal.


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Mitchell Jr. is a good player. 44% from 3. Will be interesting to see if they can keep Mallette.

Mitchell is a Bay Area and catholic school guy from just down the road at Mitty.
Sendek pursued and offered Mitchell in HS, Romar beat him out.

Agree he’s a good player, not an elite athlete but adequate. Fundamentally sound and good perimeter shooter.
I expect he’ll have plenty of interest and offers, might be able to go to a Power 6 school or good mid-major.

Played 20 minutes per game for Portland as an undersized power forward. Only 4.2 pts per game this year, after 7.8 last year.

Carson Basham leaving Pepperdine.

Pepp falling apart. Maybe they know something about Roma’s fate? Though I think an announcement would have been made by now if they were parting ways.

The LMU transfers are interesting. Though it’s a little hard to see them taking a step forward without Shelton next year. Plus NIL money is potentially out there for players to chase, and it’s still hard to understand or quantify the effect of all that.

Barsham is the now the 2nd former Sendek/SCU recruit (offered him) to go in to the portal. Will be interesting to see if we make a run either Barsham or Mitchell.
Assuming we don’t have a bunch guys leave ourselves, I don’t see a need for a big like Barsham. Put a PG like Mitchell might make sense, especially if Podz leaves.

Seems like an exodus in process at Pepperdine…Barsham and Mitchell so far, 2 starters. I suspect Maxwell Lewis may turn pro or transfer. Jevon Porter could go pro, though I expect he’d stay in college for another season. And does Houston Mallette stick around if he sees many of his best teammates exit incl 2 or 3 from his recruiting class???

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I should have posted this the other day. Lewis is headed to the NBA draft.

Maxwell on queue…

Will be interesting what feedback he gets and if he stays in the draft. I see the potential…length, reasonably athletic, skilled and can score in a variety of ways, all things the NBA values. Somewhat Jalen - esque.
But not sure I see the same effort, toughness, willingness to work hard to improve or playmaking ability as Jalen.

I agree. Lots of athletic potential, but maturity and effort are big question marks. The Edwards brothers, by comparison, had both the athleticism and effort, perhaps helped by playing with Colbey Ross who was an absolute gym rat.

Moore is freshman 6-9 forward. Never played in a game for BYU.
If a tree falls in the woods…

Add: LMU RS Freshman James Nobles entered the portal. 6-4 guard.

For LMU, Shelton and Justin Ahrens are out of eligibility. As noted above, Jalin Anderson and Kwame Marble previously entered the portal, now Nobles. All guards/perimeter players. LMU will have few if any returning guards, door is wide open for transfer guards to come in and start.

Scu bigs are very soft. We could use someone with more passion


I respectfully disagree. Tilly and Cam are not soft and when he plays, neither is Holt.

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So, given his injury this year, does this mean he can transfer and have TWO seasons as a grad student?

Yes, 2 seasons of eligibility left for Giordan given the free COVID season and Redshirting this season.

And think this was expected by most here and 'femme has more or less confirmed on more than one occasion.

I wish Giordan the best, I respect how he continued to work and steadily improved in his 3 years of playing; had several very good games in 2020/21 and 2021/22, coming off the bench and knocking down 3’s.


I was referring to JB and Braun. Should have been specific