Game 4: vs. Southeastern Louisiana

Aaaand exhale. Ending of the game summed it up pretty well.

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Coming out game for Tilly. Hope Sendak continues to run a lot of the offense through Tilly. Looked so smooth and aggressive to the basket.


Survive and move on. Good time for Tilly to break out, as no one else had a particularly good game.

I mentioned in a thread at the beginning of the season that the Broncos may lose a game they shouldn’t during one of the easier earlier season games…this was almost it.

Hopefully we can learn a little from this game, others will try to duplicate SE LA’s approach and try to neutralize our strengths.


Can someone explain to me with a last possession and game on the line the ball is not inStewarts hands and/or he never gets a touch???


Because Stewart now plays for LSU :slight_smile:


sorry i was so frustrated and typing so fast with my old arthritis thumbs and brain. I meant carlos marshall. :cold_sweat:


This was frustrating to watch. The offensive strategy in the first half was apparently to take the first open three available, despite having a considerable height advantage. Maybe the hope was that there would be some carryover from the Stanford game.

There wasn’t; the outside shooting was lousy.

The second half featured a better plan, taking fewer 3’s and relying on our bigs. SCU shot 70% from inside the arc but was just 6/23 from deep. Aside from the Stanford game, this team hasn’t hit much from outside.

Free throws were also an issue. Going 5/11 is simply awful. Four games is a small sample size, but the Broncos have shot over 61% just once, and have shot under 50% twice. That needs to improve. It was especially galling tonight, because SE LA hit 18 straight FTs; the only miss was the last one of the game.

Three point shooting and free throws; SE LA outdid the Broncos on both counts, but what was most surprising was that they also won the rebounding battle. The Broncos had done a solid job on the glass, outdoing their opponents handily in all three prior games, but despite the size advantage they were beaten on the boards tonight.

Bottom line, this was a bad game, and they were fortunate to win. I hope it’s an outlier, because if they play a game like this in league, it’s a loss.


Small sample sizes and whatnot, but that performance was so bad SCU actually dropped 10 spots on KenPom after that game.


I don’t feel that there’s much to add to what has been previously stated. I agree with the comment that Herb needs to mix things up defensively and employ a zone, just to give an opponent something to think about.

I have noticed that Benjamin has been off the court the last 5-7 minutes of the last two games making Bal the primary ball handler. I realize we’re just 4 games in, but the hype around Benjamin hasn’t been there. Conversely, Caffaro who didn’t receive nearly the hype has been a nice contributor off the bench. “It’s better to win ugly, then lose pretty”. 4-0 is 4-0.

Lastly, and meant for Femme…I am sorry that things haven’t worked out well for Cam from a basketball perspective. You look at today’s insane numbers with the transfer portal and I have to think that if you polled each player’s primary reason for transferring…80% would indicate playing time or lack there of. I know that every member on this board wants to see every Bronco do well on the court, and off the court more importantly.


Missouri lost to 0-5 Jackson State. It’s not great to be pushed so hard by these teams, and it’s possible that SELA is better than their record indicates (they played Auburn somewhat tough), but you at least gotta win. Good on the Broncos for doing that, and hopefully they learned some things for the next one.