Game 6: Fresno St. @ So Cal Challenge

Tip-off: Wednesday - 10PM (not loving the late start but oh well, price of TV coverage I guess).

TV: CBS Sports Network

Line: Torvik has it Broncos -5 with 68% win probability. ESPN shows 72% win probability, no Vegas line yet. But as I’ve noted in other threads Vegas has been horribly wrong on Bronco games so far.

Fresno St. is 4-0 after beating Pepperdine in a close game tonight. No significant wins of note. 7-0 forward Orlando Robinson is the real deal, potential NBA prospect. Athletic and skilled in the post but also capable of facing the basket and playing out beyond the 3 pt line. Will be a tough match-up for Bediako and Braun. Robinson was in foul trouble vs. Pepp but was dominant when he was in the game. Beyond that, not a ton of length but they have some sturdy wings and athletic guards. 6-0 pt guard Isaiah Hill is also solid. So far, below avg. team from 3…more of an attacking/slashing squad both based on stats and what I saw vs. Pepp.

Broncos will need to effectively deal with Robinson without Bediako and/or Braun getting in foul trouble. I like that we’ve been hot from 3 but I hope we don’t fall in love with it…live by the 3, die by the 3.

Prediction: A close one but Broncos continue to roll, 75-71.


I remember well the last time SCU was 5-0 (2012-13). Very different circumstances: three cupcakes, a D-2 team, and one (legitimately good) win over St. Louis. UCSB and Utah State came to Leavey and the Broncos lost two consecutive overtime games. Now that team wasn’t bad by any means. Statistically, it was the best SCU team in the past decade. But this 5-0 feels way different and more promising. Back in 2012, I remember a BYU commentator calling SCU a “paper tiger.” No one is calling SCU a paper tiger right now.

I think SCU gets in a close one soon, but I’ll guess that it’s not the Broncos’ turn for a dogfight just yet (but Boise State looms).

90-76 Santa Clara. Keshawn gets a second double-double with 18 and 10.

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Gotta say you have made some great calls on individual performances. 10 rebounds vs. Orlando Robinson would be impressive…and very helpful.

Back to back years SCU has won its first 5 games vs. D-I, but yeah, last year different from this, though I do think last year’s team was on a good track before the government of Santa Clara County intervened.

Before last year, the last time an SCU had won 5 straight over D-I to start the season…was 1968. Sports information department probably should have more of that.

I really like Herb’s sneaky baseline back side double team on the low post (usually by Justice). It frustrated Stanford’s 7-footer, we’ll see if it works against Robinson.

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I am new to the site but have followed for quite awhile. Class of 89 and reside in the Central Valley. I have enjoyed the input and various perspectives, and concur with all, in the excitement that surrounds this year’s team. I like our depth at 1-3, but know we are thin at 4-5 with J. Vrancic now out for rest of non conference season and possibly beyond. I have two questions that I assume someone has inside knowledge of. 1) What happened to the graduate transfer from Harvard? 2) Is Miguel Tomley injured or just not a part of Herb’s rotation at the moment? Lastly, Happy Thanksgiving to each of you and your respective families!


Broncos roll 83-69
Will be interesting to see how they handle Fresno’s big without Josip. There’s no backing down in Bediako (fouling out a distinct possibility in this contest though… and thats fine by me so long as its late in the second half)

Djuricic, the Harvard grad transfer, appears to have decided to go pro. As has the 19 year old Finnish guy - both after a full summer of working out with the team, ugh.

Really missing that extra depth now, when before the season we (I) thought there was a bit of log jam at the 4/5.

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Welcome Pistol.

Answering you questions…Danilo Djuricic left the team prior to the start of school and regular practices. Was apparently unwilling to get vaccinated as required by the school to be on campus. Later decided to turn pro.

Tomley has a minor ankle sprain suffered in practice last week. Missed the Poly game, was suited up but didn’t play vs. TCU. Tomley did play some decent minutes in the opener vs. CS-Fullerton, but not as much since. Kind of log jam at the guard spot with Tomley competing with Giordan and Stewart for limited back-up minutes…someone is going to be the odd man out. I do like Tomley and I think he has one of the purest 3pt strokes on the team, hopefully he gets his chance to shine at some point.


Really hope we keep the undefeated streak alive until the students come back from thanksgiving break - would be cool to see if that momentum draws more fans in for the Hawaii game.

I was looking ahead and espns matchup predictor has us going 11-5 in conference. A loooong way to go to get there, but I’ve loved what I’ve seen.

Odd man out is right - per: tomley, Giordan and Carlos.

Carlos has the advantage because I feel he can play any position 1-3. Where Giordan is pretty strictly a 2 and tomley has trouble defending (but a great 3pt stroke). Curious to see how those two eek out playing time.

Thanks 92bronc!

I really love the unselfishness offensively and think their passing is one of this team’s greatest strengths. PJ whipped a pass with his left hand that fed Jalen on a fast break dunk vs TCU. Justice is doing a little bit of everything and doing it well. Have liked his work on the glass. Robinson will be a test for them tonight, especially Bediako and Braun, Justice to a degree too. Expect Broncos to prevail and move to 6-0!!

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Yep, offense is flowing right now. Offensive efficiency to date is probably not sustainable long term but hopefully we can stay in at least the top 10-15% nationwide. Half court O…the ball movement, spacing and player movement has been great; the ball isn’t sticking. Playing less through the post (Vrankic) helps this a bit. And transition O has been better, looking to push pace more often including secondary break opportunities. IMO, virtually everyone is better and is capable of shooting higher % when you’re pushing pace, even guys you don’t see as typical ‘fast break’ guys…basically the defenses aren’t set or organized, help side D isn’t in place and you get some favorable mismatches.

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Pipes has been a HUGE difference. I admit, after watching him play in Game 1, I was a bit nervous that he was not gonna live up the expectations. I’ll chalk that game up to rust and playing in a new system under a different coach at a new school. But since that Game 1, he has done a great job of dribble penetrating (while minimizing turnovers), distributing, taking shots when needed, and ensuring that the offensive half-court sets are continuously MOVING. I also think that his play level will challenge, inspire, and hopefully get the other PGs on the roster to step up their games.

Stewart is still fresh, but he shows flashes of future greatness. I think we’ve got a pretty solid backcourt. As long as our front court can hold down the fort while Josip is recovering, and avoid any injuries in the meantime, I think our post-season prospects look good.

Trying not to get too excited and temper my expectations, but its hard not to be “all-in” on this team that appears to have great chemistry, backed by solid coaching (plus Sendek seems be giving them some previously unseen freedom on the court), and really, is just fun to watch (that last point is important - after watching St. Mary’s play ND the other night, I was left both impressed and bored).


Spot on ‘92… aside from the first game (which was the same offensive flow we’ve seen for the last 5 years where the goal seemed to be get the ball to Josip on the block) it’s been great too see an offense that is attacking from all angles.
Looked especially great with Josip in the lineup getting the ball facing the basket and really makes for great spacing as he’s a threat with the ball but adept at finding the open man when too much defensive attention is focused his way.
It’s great to see Bediako taking advantage of his time as when Josip is back having Bediako still contributing is going to be extremely valuable.


Buckets makes a great point about previously unseen freedom in the offense. As odd as it sounds, it can be hard to balance “running the offense” against “looking to score”. Herb has achieved this balance, so far, and Bronco offense is humming.

to be fair, it could be argued that previous SCU-Sendek rosters had never EARNED on-court freedom. This team seems to be making good on-court decisions, which probably makes it easier for Sendek to let the reins go a bit and grant the extra freedom.


I think you are right and it has seemed that way from game #1

The maui final is a counterpoint to your theory.

But it’s irrelevant to SCU’s talent bc they don’t have the same lack of foot quickness and athletic ability. I’d be happy to see SMC try to run with the Broncos, but they almost certainly will not.

Interesting on going pro as you can’t leave country if not vaccinated. I know another kid who signed a contract and got to the airport and was turned around because he wasn’t vaccinated. Very interesting if the family changed their mind on being vaccinated.

Current Line: Broncos -6, 72% win probability, O/U: 141.

Vegas O/U on Bronco games continues to be oddly low. Have been well over in most games. Something like 71-70 seems low but I guess a couple of moderate to poor shooting games from one or both teams gets you there.