Game 9: Louisiana Tech

Patty is right.

The coach is 55-60 years old, making $1.3M a year. The players are 18-22 year old student athletes. There’s a big difference. And I don’t recall anyone calling Sendek an idiot.
Your attitude and comments just further illustrate that you are less a Bronco fan and primarily a Sendek acolyte.

And Braun…no it wasn’t a great half for him…but right after your post he converted a bucket inside, drew a charge on Lofton and blocked a shot on the following possession.

See this is the kind of nonsense people get away with here. Anyone can say anything they want about me.

I imagine Braun’s views of his mistakes at that time were probably a lot more like mine rather than being all namby pamby about it. Most players worth their salt would feel that way. Pretty much all of the good players I’ve been around expected a lot of themselves.

I recall plenty of people here calling the coach all kinds of things. I wouldn’t be able to specifically remember all of it.

But my goodness. Have any of you ever played a team sport in your life? Are you really this easily offended? Crimany.

Sigh…the missed free throws are killers. I’m sure that’s the coach’s fault, though.

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Braun needs to sit. He’s giving them nothing so far in this half. Slow to react in every way.

There, is that G rated enough?

(Seems getting the media time out did help him. He’s been a lot better since, though Lofton has been on the bench through most of it.)

I understand Tomley trying to make the extra pass but he is on the team because he is supposed to be an elite shooter. If he is wide open then he needs to shoot it every time.

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See, it’s not that hard to be decent and less reactionary.

And comparing your own comments to how coaches interact with players is ridiculous…you aren’t the coach…apples and oranges.

So many bad individual decisions. By him, by others.

Pretty much going to be whether Jalen can pull the train again.

Fatigue surely a factor for some – Tomley just getting back, others playing more minutes than they are used to. But my goodness. Just basic things.

This was uncalled for, completely baity and off topic, but I’m sure it won’t be nannied like my posts are.

Looks like the coaches saw the exact same things I did bc they’ve made the changes. But we’ll see if the bench guys can make a difference.

Just a lot of missing parts of the car right now to keep it between the lines and running.

Agree Bob.
Was my observation of him last year as well…often to unselfish and passed up open looks from 3. IMO, he has one of the purest strokes on the team, very simple, clean form with pretty quick release…needs to have a green light mentality and let it fly.

Pipes is dead legged…can’t defend, can’t shoot. Braun is sucking wind and can’t get off the ground or outside his cylinder to get a ball out of his area. But the coaching staff obviously thinks the bench guys are worse, which is hard to imagine.

But hard to see a way back in this unless Jalen and Justice score pretty much every trip and they start missing some shots.

Could be worse…could be playing like Georgia and blowing a golden opportunity at the SEC championship.

I think at some point we need to decide that Keshawn needs to be getting 15 to 20 shots per game. He is almost shooting too high of a % from 3 and playing at a very high level.


Sigh…Braun has to get that rebound. Just has to.

Tomley looking more aggressive the last few minutes. Nearly had one go earlier and then just knocked one down.

Can we blame Passarelli for this offense? I remember him saying this wouldn’t be a game in the 60s when it was like 15-10 after 5 minutes or whatever. Announcer’s jinx.

Does Sendek not recruit anyone who can drive to the basket… or does he not allow guys to take it to the rack during practice? Seriously, it’s JWilliams alone… Every team who has seen the last 4 SCU games is just going to overplay the perimeter and force SCU to drive.
endek either doesn’t have the guys who can go 1 on 1 or he doesn’t allow it. Either way it’s a soft spot just waiting for every opponent to exploit.

Lofton traveled on that face up and drive from the elbow at ~2:30…switched pivot foot…refs didn’t call it.

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These refs have been terrible all game. Eventually I just stopped taking notice.

Just need Braun to do his job once.

I think we have to put Jalen Williams on Lofton with foul trouble no longer a concern. Or at least send him as the help defender.

I just don’t understand our logic behind how we guarded Lofton these last 5 minutes.

No logic to it. Same thing over and over, no adjustment.

You need a big man to do his job at some point in a 5 minute period.

Matching J Williams on him was desperation bc it was obvious Braun was not going to get the job done.

Just too many missing guys, in the end. Pipes is completely baked. Can’t move his feet at all. Braun is baked. Tomley is only half fit. Bediako is out, Tongue isn’t ready. Missing three other bigs you thought would be in the mix 3 months ago.

Not over yet…but will be lucky to win it from here, as it looked like it would be about 8 minutes ago.

OK I don’t understand why you don’t intentional miss that. I know with Lofton you don’t have much chance to get it but seems like the only way you’re going to win this.

That didn’t look like a foul on J Williams. Looked like a clean deflection.

Looks like Vrankic is on the bench in street clothes so that is a good sign.

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And Holt is dressed out and has returned to practice.