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Check out this link Re: Johnny O’Neill.

Certain to be more scouts on the Broncos this year…Tilly, Bal, Tyree…


Thanks 'musings.
A longish but very good read, I’d encourage others to take a look. Provides a great breakdown on O’Neill and good to get some insight on him from Madry since we rarely hear this level of substance or details from Sendek.

Some takeaways…O’Neill reminds me more and more of Parker but with better perimeter shooting and scoring ability. Slim build like Parker but similarly long and a good athlete for his size, plus a shot blocker.
I anticipate stiff competition for playing time at the 4 between O’Neill and Tongue. It also makes me think there is the possibility that we see O’Neill and Tongue on the floor at the same time as the 4 & 5 in a smallish lineup…who plays what (4 or 5) doesn’t much matter; may vary and depend on matchups, opposing teams off/def schemes, etc.
I’m not suggesting that Tilly won’t or shouldn’t play plenty at the 5; I suspect he will but maybe ~25mins/game. Big guys tend to get fatigued earlier particularly at the faster tempo we prefer to play and also tend to get in more foul trouble so playing 30mins+ is difficult to do. If that remaining 15mins goes to O’Neill and Tongue, that’s 55 combined minutes available at the 4/5 for O’Neill and Tongue, meaning around 25mins for each and allowing for some token minutes by Caffaro or others.


You forgot a couple. lol

The more scouts the better for all the guys.

When Sendek and Madry were at the NBA combine with Podz, scouts were wondering who’s the next draftee from SCU.
Tilly was part of that convo, but we all hope for multiples. A harbinger for a potentially strong year.

Great find, ‘musings. It would be great to continue an upwards trajectory after losing first round picks in consecutive years. Given who’s returning, and the transfers and recruits, I think it continues.

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