Broncos in NBA Summer League

Thought I would make one thread to keep track of our three guys in Summer League. Jalen was absolutely dominant. Looked like a young Kawhi Leonard out there. Also below are highlights from Podz, along with a pic of a Keshawn/Jalen jersey swap.


Keshawn didn’t play vs. Thunder, hopefully he gets some PT in today’s game. The summer league rosters are deep and with them frequently playing back-to-back games, they often have a group a guys sit out an entire game but play a decent amount in other comes. And starters and/or playing rotations may vary greatly from game to game.

Other WCC connections…Colby Ross and Yauhen Massalksi are also on Utah’s summer roster with Keshawn.
And on other teams…Kessler Edwards and Jordan Ford are on Sac Kings’ roster; there is some chatter that Ford has a good chance of sticking next season as their 3rd point guard. Jamare Bouyea is playing for the Heat. Maxwell Lewis drafted by and playing for the Lakers.

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Will Maupin wrote a breakdown of the Summer League players from the WCC. There are even some names that I haven’t heard in a while like Frankie Ferrari and Nate Renfro who are participating.

Weirdly, there are no BYU players on the summer league squads. That’s a pretty decent sign of the relative decline in talent of BYU over the past 2-3 seasons.


Thanks Patty. Good info from Maupin.
There will likely be additional WCC guys on other NBA rosters that aren’t participating in the Salt Lake leg of summer league…Vegas and believe Orlando??? are other legs in July. ie-Nembhard with the Indiana Pacers.

Bouyeau…from Maupin’s comments, appears he’s on his 2nd 2-way contract with the Heat so will likely stick with him. I always liked his game and felt he had a good chance of making it in the NBA. He’s bigger, more athletic and a better defender and rebounder than Colby Ross or Jordan Ford and is at least decent to above average at everything that matters for a backcourt player.


Another Bronco in Summer League:

Marlon Garnett is coaching the Hornets.


Keyshawn got 13 min of action last night 2-6, 1-5 from 3 for 5 points and 3 reb.

Not a great showing but hey at least he got the opportunity and a green light to shoot.

Not to mention EVERYONE on the jazz had the green light (thru shot 45 3s!!). In a shortened game nonetheless.


Keshawn has had a unspectacular but solid past week of games. He has started their last 3 games getting 22-25 mins a game (they play 40min games in summer league). And the team has done well at 4-0; I believe they are or will be in the remaining single elimination portion of games (tourney or playoff, whatever you prefer).

Lines from recent games:

-Friday win vs. Suns: 9pts (1/4 shooting from 3), 6rebs, 2 assists, 3 steals, 2 blocks
-Wed win vs. Nuggets: 12pts (2/6 shooting from 3) 8rebs, 3 assists
-Monday win vs. T-Wolves: 8pts (2/7 from 3) 6 rebs
-Saturday win vs. Clippers: off the bench, played 14mins: just 2 pts and 5 rebs.
And his TO’s have been low, 0 or 1 in each game. It will be an uphill battle for Keshawn but even if he never plays in an NBA game, he’s shown well, demonstrated he can hang with these guys and he’ll have this cool experience to reflect on.
It will be interesting to see if he is offered a training camp contract and if so, if he accepts it or instead decides to head to Europe. One dilemma for guys like Justice…Europe slots start to fill up late summer and early Fall, if a player decides to accept an NBA training camp opportunity then gets cut in October, by that time the European options are more limited and typically lower tier and less $.


I recorded & watched most of Keshawn’s games. His stats don’t hint at how well he played - he was such a great defender and switched on most guys seamlessly. Key rebounds, timely buckets, and important defensive plays down the stretch.

Never forced anything on offense and played within their system. That’s how he cracked the starting lineup. He even had a nice on-air complement from one of the Jazz front-office folks.


Reminder that there’s no “y” in Keshawn’s name. I think we all get confused because “Key” is constantly used as his nickname, so it feels natural to add the Y into his full name. I’m guilty of it too.

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My bad Patty, yes the ‘Key’ nickname imprints and leads to misspelling.
Apologies to KESHAWN and family if they happen to peruse this site.

I can’t remember which game I watched Keyshawn play, but it seems to me that, offensively, he was relegated to standing in the corner. The ball never came through him. But he started for the semi game against the Rockets and put up some solid numbers 20pt (7-19, 2-9), 9 reb, 3 assists. So looks like he finished well.