Newsom SCU Baseball Article

Presented without commentary, an article regarding Gov. Newsom’s tenure at SCU w/r/t baseball.

Okay, one piece of commentary - he’s never talked that much about his time at SCU in my experience.


Good article. Sheds a new light on his career as a Bronco baseball player. I do recall Newsom mentioning Father Coz several times in his state of the state addresses. I took one Econ class from Father Coz and he was known as the teacher the athletes took. Known for the supply and demand curve using a pizza parlor as an example. Where the supply of beer and pizza met demand was equilibrium.

As for Newsom, another example of overstating his accomplishments. However, we had Jerry Bown, Leon Panetta, Janet Napoliano and a few others in government but Gavin has the best shot at POTUS. Heaven help us.


May explain his distance from SCU. Always thought it was strange