SCU to restrict attendance at games

On twitter, they announced SCU will limit attendance to pass holders, season ticket holders and 600 SCU students . No concessions or outside door allowed.

Timing is a bummer as it will impact the GU game on Saturday…will be a little over 1,000 there instead of a packed house.

Yeah, but in recent years the crowd was pretty much 50/50 In terms of SCU fans vs. Zags fans at Leavy.
Might only be 1000 people there (at most) but at least all SCU crowd

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This is how I was thinking of it. Might play to advantage to have almost all students and die hards. Of course, that’s only if the game is competitive.

Stinks for the athletic budget, though. But good on them for putting that aside and focusing on safety and health. Hopefully this variant is the candle burning at both ends that will not last the night.

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I was going to say, has a packed house mattered in the last 20 years? :sweat_smile:

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Was this policy to restrict attendance an SCU, a Woke Coast Conference or Santa Clara County imposed decision? It’s interesting on Wednesday night I viewed the broadcast of Vilanova at Xavier, and the place was packed with no social distancing. However, masks were observed, but it wasn’t 100%.
Can’t imagine how the University’s imposed restriction will help admissions or recruiting for MBB or for that matter any of the sports… Everyone’s going to catch COVID. It’s only a matter of time. Glad I don’t have to deal with this as a student. If I was an SCU student, I’d strongly transferring. Curious are admissions tracking transfers out of SCU!!!

Actually it’s the other way around. The student body at SCU is growing. Kids aren’t transferring out at an abnormal rate and the freshman class keeps getting larger year after year.
Personally I think restricting attendance at this moment is the only prudent decision (other than not allowing any fans). Nobody is really talking about it currently but the potentially long lasting (perhaps lifetime) complications/issues from omicron are not something to take lightly. I’m glad I didn’t have to deal with this as a student as I can guarantee I wouldn’t have handled this well in my college years.


I haven’t shared this here yet…one of my kids is a Bronco class of '23…the incoming class was supposedly the largest class to date. I imagine a few of those were kids who deferred enrollment but BB’s point is correct…SCU is doing better than fine, with or w/o COVID.
And SCU’s actions and COVID response haven’t been more restrictive than the better academic institutions on the west coast (UC schools, Cal Poly, UW, etc.). So if someone’s tired of the COVID restrictions and want to attend an elite academic institution or P5 type school they’re going to have to head east. If a school like say ASU is really what a kid is looking for they probably wouldn’t have chosen SCU in the first place.
I applaud the school for their vax mandate and mandatory weekly testing for on-campus students. Their stats this fall (% vaxed, COVID positive #'s and test positivity rate, etc.) were impressive, far better than regional or statewide #'s. SCU is doing their part, definitely not an epicenter of COVID spread.
Finally, even with current restrictions, the campus and surrounds isn’t dead…I was on and around campus last weekend, was certainly quieter than normal, but still activity and signs of life. Classes are mostly online through this month but some teachers are doing limited in-person sessions for labs, etc. And there was no shortage of socializing going on off campus.


And remarkably if I remember the latest stat correctly, bigger and bigger freshman classes coinciding with lower admittance rates. That’s a tough duo to accomplish

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I believe scu specific - I looked up the San Jose sharks and no specific guidelines of the like seem to be in place. Also I’ve seen that Gonzaga has full capacity with what seems to be very strict mandates on masks in place. There was a tweet out there that students not masked up will be escorted out.

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SCU grows while maintaining it’s selectivity at a time when college enrollment is down nationwide…down 500,000 this year, 1M over the past 2 years.

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SCU enrollment is increasing due to one overriding factor, “Being Located in Silicon Valley”. How long that will last is anyone’s guess as the middle-class leaves California in droves along with anyone with common sense.

Being in Silicon Valley doesn’t hurt, but I disagree with you that it has anything but a minimal impact on SCU’s growth. It’s not like being in Silicon Valley inherently does anything for you.
I get your frustration with the state and economic disparity (not only in CA but the rest of the country too), but I would bet dollars to dimes that California will experience a population boom over the next decade that will far outweigh any exodus that has happened in the past 10 years.

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Time will tell all. A nice place to visit, but wouldn’t want to live there…

CA born and raised. I’m 50+ and have been hearing since I was a kid that CA is dying and everyone is leaving…so…

Kind of like doomsday predictions.

Maybe CA will go through a downturn of sorts but it has too much going for it to stay down long. CA is more than Silicon Valley, it’s the most diverse economy in the country, great weather, beautiful locations from beaches/coast to Sierras and so on.

Some will leave, maybe many but those who stay or move in will reap the benefits.


Vrankic is having a horrible game

When you ask someone who is not a post player to play against someone who actually is a true post player… what would you expect?
It’s nothing on Vrankic… he’s a good player, just wildly out of position.

Honestly I wonder if Sendek is so wrapped up in it that he can’t see his hand in front of his face. Does he believe just because Josip dominates teams without a post player that it’s a good idea to feature/isolate him in the post against teams that are very good on the interior. He must as he keeps doing it over and over again with the same results.