Broncos Pros - NBA & other

Jalen: Thunder are off to a 2-0 start. Jalen is avg. 15pts / 4 rebs / 3.5 assists (2/5 on 3pters). Thunder and Jalen himself were league surprises last season, with Chet Holmgren now in the fold will be interesting to see if the Thunder continue to improve and become a legit threat to make some noise in the playoffs.

Podz: Hasn’t played in the Warriors first 2 games. Though Chris Paul is starting alongside Curry, those two are effectively the 1st and 2nd PG in their rotation as they have generally kept at least one of them on the court to run the point, with some token minutes for Corey Joseph as the 3rd point guard. Podz is effectively 4th pt guard and is also behind Gary Payton II and Moses Moody for backcourt (2guard or wing) playing time off the bench.

Keyshawn: Was on the Jazz’s training camp roster but didn’t play in any preseason games. It seems the Jazz are interested in signing him to their G-league squad, SLC Stars, but it’s unclear if that has or will happen as G-league rosters aren’t yet set.

Jared Brownridge: 76’ers signed and immediately released him with the expectation their D-league squad, the Delaware Blue Coats, where he has played the past ~5 seasons, will resign him.

John Bryant: Has had an impressive pro career, at 36yrs old is still playing. Has mostly played in Germany, generally in their top league and has played in EuroCup & Euroleague games. His minutes have gone down in recent years, not surprising given his age. Also played 1 season in the G-league ~10yrs ago.

PJ Pipes: Last season played in the Czech league…19.8pts, 3.7 assists, 39% on 3’s. Playing in the Polish pro league this season, averaging 8 pts in 9 games so far.

Guglielmo Caruso: Has played in the Italian A league past several years, currently playing for the Milan team.

Josip Vrankic: currently in a Spanish pro league, not sure what level, appears to be Tier 2 or 3 league team. Last season played for a lower tier Italian squad and averaged 14pts, 7 rebs.

DJ Mitchell: has been on Aussie and New Zealand squads this season. Last season played in both Poland and Australia combined averaged 8pts, 3…5 rebs, 43% from 3. In 2021/22 played in the Belgium & Netherlands league and put up of strong #'s: 16pts, 8rebs, 40% from 3.

KJ Feagin: Playing for Champville in the Lebonese pro league. Averaging 13pts, 40% on 3’s through 5 games. Will be interesting to see if the team and league are impacted current Israel/Hamas conflict.

Henrik Jadersten: In his 2nd season in the Swedish pro league, in 7 games this season is averaging 8.5pts, 6rebs, 38% on 3pters.

Trey Wertz: Currently on a Macedonia league team, in 3 games this season has averaged 7.7pts, 2.7pts. Did not have any NBA interest or play in the NBA summer league as far as I can tell.

I imagine I’ve missed a player or two who may still be playing.


92 bronc…Appreciate the recap on past Broncos currently playing professionally.

I know that took some time to research and put together. Thanks!

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Thanks Pete.

And another Bronco ‘Pro’ mention…Lloyd Pierce. Starting his 3rd season as the lead assistant under Rick Carlisle and the Indiana Pacers.
Everything I’ve heard is that Lloyd is highly respected in NBA circles. Things didn’t work out for him in his 2.5 seasons in the rebuilding project that Atlanta was. But the fact he immediately landed on his feet as the top assistant with another successful NBA coach in Carlisle speaks to Lloyd’s strong reputation. I suspect he may get another chance at an NBA HC gig, but even if he doesn’t he has had an impressive coaching career and is representing SCU well.


Podz made his NBA debut last night to the tune of 5 pts, 8 reb, 2 ast in 23 min due to injuries for Klay and Kuminga.

Trying not to look through bronco-colored glasses, but he looked pretty comfortable. Definitely pass first mentality and should have had a couple more asts but some missed jumpers by his teammates.

He had many more min than his main competition currently (Cory Joseph) but could have been bc the game wasn’t close.

JWill just continues his ascent, 19/7/6 last night as he plays 2nd/3rd fiddle to Gilgeous-Alexander and sometimes Holmgren.


Glad Podz got on the court after not playing in the first 3 games.
I alluded to this in the Podz specific thread…his greatest opportunities will be the result of injuries to rotation guys opening up playing time as well as when key, older rotation guys sit out games for load management. Even if fully healthy, Curry, Chris Paul, Klay and Draymond will surely sit out some games. And very minor injuries that they would have played through in their 20’s will be excuses for the Warriors to rest them without violating the NBA’s policies on load management.

Now that Draymond has returned, Chris Paul has moved out of the starting lineup. And the Warriors are clearly invested in 2022 1st round pick Moses Moody and he’s getting consistent 2guard/wing minutes along with Gary Payton. When everyone is healthy and playing, Podz will have a hard time getting minutes as most if not all of the bench backcourt minutes will go to: Paul, Moody and Payton.


Podz was assigned to Santa Cruz today. Probably a good thing so he can get regular PT as he’s only played in 3 of 9 games and only when other rotation guys sat out the game.
I’m sure he will get called back up to the Golden State, he’ll probably go back/forth several times during the season.

Warriors PR on X: “Warriors assign Trayce Jackson-Davis & Brandin Podziemski to Santa Cruz. Both players are expected to play in Santa Cruz’s season opener tomorrow night when the Warriors host the Stockton Kings at Kaiser Permanente Arena (7 p.m. PDT tipoff).” / X (

Podz got subbed in with a minute left to play. Should’ve been garbage time, but he scored 8 points in that last minute to give the Timberwolves something to think about. Missed a put back that would’ve made the score 114-112 with 12 seconds left. Instead, free throws iced the game 116-110. Great spark from him regardless.


Podz had 24pts 7rebs and 4assists in his D-league debut Friday, then was called back up to the Warriors along with Jackson-Davis for back-to-back weekend games.
I suspect he’ll do this back forth a lot with the schedules of the respective teams allow for it to get him as much PT as possible.


Also want to mention that Jalen Williams went for 31 pts in his game Sunday on only 16 shots. They beat the Suns. So happy he was able to have such an elite performance in his hometown.

Curry is out tonight for the Warriors. Podz should see his most minutes in a game yet. Will be fun to see how he does.


I wonder - and am too lazy to look but just un-lazy enough to spitball - the last NBA Season in which two Broncos scored a point?

It has, of course, occurred this year with Jalen and Podz.

1999 would have had Marlon Garnett pouring in 54 points for the Celtics, and Nash played 56 games for the Mavs.

If it happened before that, it would have been Nash + someone even more obscure than Marlon Garnett. Anyone? Am I neglecting the obvious?


Does Mark McNamara (SCU for 2 years, then Cal) and Kurt Rambis count?



That photo is precious. Rambis despised McNamara, apparently Kurt thought Mark was lazy. So I’ve heard.

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I’d say maybe Vanos and…someone…

Vanos and Harold Keeling (85-86 season)

Rambis played from 1981 to 1995 so would have overlapped with Vanos and Keeling, so 3 NBA Broncos in 85/86.

Eddie Joe Chavez was drafted but never played in a regular season game.

Doron Perkins was in training camp with the Lakers as a rookie on a free agent, non-guaranteed contract and supposed thoroughly outplayed rookie point guard draft pick (guaranteed contract) Jordan Farmar. But there were no open roster spots and the Lakers didn’t need or 3rd or 4th point guard. Doron went on to have lengthy and successful pro career in Europe and elsewhere including being a league MVP on more than one occasion.

Maybe Jared Brownridge finally gets called up by the 76ers. He’s been with their Delaware D-league squad for ~5years now.

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Before that…maybe the Ogden brothers? And Dennis Awtrey to boot?

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Podz having a great game - leading the way with 17 points while Steph is out.


From the Athletic…

Thunder @ Warriors tonight. This time we should definitely see lots of Jalen and Podz. Hopefully the team can make it to the game if their schedule allows.


It’s officially Santa Clara night at the Chase center too…