Romad Dean, SF, Class of 2022

Not sure if I’ve missed someone else posting this, but I’ve noticed a new recruit on our Verbal Commits page. Romad Dean, SF, Class of 2022 from Freeport, Canada. It really seems like Canada is our recruiting niche, which I’m a fan of. This season we will have 6 players from Canada. He already has offers from USC, Seton Hall, Ole Miss, Arizona State, Minnesota, and a few other smaller schools, so it seems unlikely that he will become a Bronco. Maybe our ties with Canadian players will attract him.

Tomley, Bediako and Holt were the only ones recruited from Canadian high schools. Vrankic is Croatian-Canadian and was recruited from Utah. So counting him makes 4, but I wouldn’t. Who else? Djuricic I guess but he wasn’t recruited from Canada either, he was a transfer from a US college.

Also, Dean is Bahamaian and only attends a prep school in Canada.

Sorry, meant to say 6 players with some sort of connection to Canada. Vrankic, Bediako, Holt, Djuricic, Tomley, and Besselink all have some sort of connection to Canada. Vrankic pointed it out in a recent interview on Youtube. I believe someone posted it recently.

I would say Djuricic, Vrankic and Besselink’s connections to Canada are largely coincidental. They weren’t recruited from Canada. And if Dean went to Oak Hill Academy rather than a Canadian prep, that wouldn’t make him a Virginian.

So we have 2 guys from British Columbia (not much different from recruiting Washington state) and Bediako. No real common pipeline like a school or travel program.

It’s not like what St. Mary’s did for years in illegally recruiting from one national team development program.

Canada has a population of nearly 40 million and basketball is the 2nd most popular sport, and domestic college and pro opportunities are weak. Anyone not recruiting there is doing their program a disservice.

Lol nice never-mind.

I just wouldn’t want someone to pigeonhole SCU as a program focused on recruiting Canada like SMC was on Australia (again, illegally).

Most of the best players from the last 5 years were recruited from US schools, and I suspect at least 1 if not more of the best incoming freshman will be from US high school as well.

I see your point and agree. In no way was I trying to pigeonhole the program. Just trying to point out a trend, whether it be valid or not.

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