The OTHER big game on Thursday: USF v. Zags

We play SMC in the early tilt, but immediately afterward, also on CBSSN, USF plays Gonzaga. I’m really looking forward to watching that game, mostly to see if the Dons are truly Big Dance material.

One thing that’s for sure, Todd Golden with throw tons of different things at the Zags. Ultimately the Zags are too talented and too big for USF but you can bet USF will be super physical (to the point that they likely have a couple guys foul out).

Think of USF as a slightly less talented SCU team, but with a much more innovative and effective coach. Golden understands that playing 1 way isn’t a good solution unless have a team of McD’s All-Americans.


Zags seem like a run-away freight train at the moment, their offensive clicking on all cylinders. I don’t see USF or anyone else slowing them down if they continue to play the way they have of late.

Will be interesting to see how GU defends Bouyea…they have a lot of long and/or athletic bodies to throw at him plus Holmgren on the back line as an elite rim protector. I’ll also be watching USF’s Massalski, he has been playing great (14pts, 8 rebs, 2.3 blocks /game) , a huge addition for USF addressing their weakness in the post. But he’ll have is hands full with Timme and Holmgren and I could see him getting in foul trouble trying to defend those guys.

Massalski will fight the Zags bigs in the post that you can count on for sure.

Usf might easily take 30+ 3s, could be a fun one to watch.

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Agree Midwest… they might even take 40 3’s (which seems like a decent approach when the talent and depth are so lacking compared to your opponent).

I’m so impressed with this Don’s squad. They are holding their own against the Zags. Coach Golden is the real deal.

Golden is good. He’s not afraid to try something different. I also like how he gets on with his players. On the sideline he’s full of encouragement, energy, and excitement. That makes a difference when dealing with 18-22 year old kids. Emotion is more a part of the equation at that age than most people give credit for. Who wouldn’t want to play for a coach like that? Quite a contrast to someone who is incapable of mustering an emotion.