WCC Game 10: @USF

I might be wrong but the broncos had the misfortune of everything occurring in front of their bench. So the camera caught Tilly leaving the bench area. How many Dons left the bench but since there were no cameras no one was ejected?


Correct. Not enough contact to call the foul on that last one. Thats a no call situation. (My reason for calling it a phantom foul. Which I guess would be wrong cuz phantoms are made up ones. It just really seemed a stretch.)

Williams really should have to answer for escalating it like that.

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if i had to wager a guess at suspensions for both squads, here’s what I got:

Tilly 1 game (throwing a towel from the bench lmao this is more funny than anything but of course you can’t do that), Marshall 1 game, Akametu 3 games, Benjamin nothing (he really got crossfired in my opinion)

Hawthorne 1 game, Beasley 1 game, Williams 3 games

Yeah. I noticed Kozy was def down for the hunt. The towel was funny.

BK update. Might be a torn meniscus. Will put him out for remainder of season but not next year. That will hurt to lose him.

Is it me or did we play more like a unit last night? I thought the ball movement was better and not a game of watching so much ISO play.


The ball movement was significantly better, particularly in the first half. I noticed much more awareness and attempts at back doors and screen and rolls. In part, that may have had something to do with Bal’s absence, as someone pointed out above.


Despite the loss, the Broncos’ NET and Torvik ratings rose…NET up two spots to 110, Torvik up to 131.
USF’s NET remained unchanged and their Torvik ranked dropped 3 spots to #86.

Not that we’re in contention for an NCAA at-large birth and the NIT is a very, very long shot at this point but still interesting to follow…at least for me.


Torvik this year still puzzles me. I would think that SCU would be, at worst, right around where the NET has them. USF is really high for having zero good wins and a weak strength of schedule.

My best guess is that when SCU has been bad, the team has been awful analytically. USD, Yale, the win against SELA, and SMC at home were all utter disasters. USF has been mediocre in their losses (to some decent/mediocre teams). But the tires didn’t fall off for them.

I think that SCU and USF are basically peers and shouldn’t have a 50-team delta between them. They should have maybe a 5 team delta.

Ah well. I still think SCU’s schedule was close to perfect for where SCU wants to go, and I hope they put together something similar next year.


USF may not have had as tough a schedule, but they did what you’re supposed to when that happens. Run up the score consistently against those types of teams.

That and they don’t get blown out against anyone. Whereas we have 5 double digit loses.


Jalen Benjamin is suspended 1 game for the fight, per the WCC (and is the only player suspended)

that is so weird…the video just doesn’t even remotely show anything. Frankly, I’m shocked that multiple players from both teams weren’t suspended.

No discipline for Williams? What a joke…


That’s honestly a terrible ruling. Wonder if the fact Benjamin has been ejected once already has anything to do with the suspension?

ok so i went back and went frame by frame. If you watch when Hawthorne gets up to face Marshall, Benjamin walks up behind and throws a forearm at the back of his head.

If that’s what the WCC saw, then justified. Otherwise, I’ve got nothing

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Jalen Benjamin is definitely the Bronco all-time leader in ejections for his weight class. It’s like having a little UFC guy out there.


I am really upset that Williams is not getting a game suspension. Cams leg could have gotten tied up in Hawthorne and next you know; we are dealing with a torn ligament. Williams is lucky it did not go a different direction but should really be aware that it could have.

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Saint Marys and Gonzaga had really climbed up my hate-o-meter to 1 and 2, but USF did a lot of great work to move back up my list.