WCC Game 7: vs. Pepperdine

Tip-off: Thursday, 7pm @ Leavey
Line: Torvik- Broncos -10, 83% win prob; ESPN- 86% win prob, no line yet.
Rankings: Broncos: 114 on NET, 129 on Torvik; Pepp: 237 / 237

The Waves are 9-12, 2-4 in the WCC coming off a loss to LMU this past weekend. The Broncos narrowly escaped with a win in the first matchup after being down a few points late in the game.
Top Players:
6-7 forward Michael Ajayi (17.1 pts, 9.5rebs, 48% from 3)
6-11 forward Jevon Porter (13.8pts, 5.7rebs, 33% from 3)
6-5 guard Houston Mallete (15.8pts, 3.4 rebs, 40% from 3)
6-10 center Boubacar Coulibaly (8.5pts, 5.5rebs, 1.7 blocks)

The Waves have some talent with the scoring trio of Ajayi, Porter and Mallete. All are skilled and fairly athletic. Porter appears to be working off the rust after missing their first 12 games with injury. Ajayi does a bit of everything for them and is a high level athlete. Mallete is a dangerous shooter/scorer. But after their core 3 or 4 players, the talent drops off and as a team they don’t do much particularly well, ranking sub-200 in both offensive and defensive efficiency on Torvik. As is usually the case for Romar coached teams their offense and scoring is better than their D.

Broncos have a bye on Saturday, there’s nothing else to focus on except this one game. We need to start seeing some improvement on D and I’m hoping to see the recent solid rebounding continue.

Prediction: Broncos prevail 84-76.


Play D and keep them off the glass. Scoring against Pepperdine is never a problem and if there were ever an opportunity for Santa Clara to reach the century mark in two straight games, this is it. But Pepperdine can hit the wildest shots. It’s one thing for their whole offense to be Houston Mallette falling away for an 18 foot swish. But allow them to have real offense in addition to that and you get cooked against lowly Pepperdine in a hurry.

The Broncos don’t tempt fate twice. 91 -72 Santa Clara with CMJ finally lighting it up for 26 pts and 7 boards.

One of my fonder memories of SCU Hoops was an (away?) game against Pepp where we beat them like 105-55 with Brownridge, Hauser, Kratch, etc.

Would love to see this squad break 100 in WCC play and get a good rhythm going, but I’d really love to see some strong defense.


It was a home game. I remember that one. It was Sendek’s first year when he had both Brownridge and Feagin from the old regime. The funny thing about that one is that Brownridge barely contributed to the rout compared to his usual self. He just had a gentleman’s 12 points while Kratch exploded for 32. It seemed like SCU could not miss the whole game.

I still think that Sendek’s biggest head coach mistake to date was not keeping Feagin, especially in a pre-NIL world.


Agree on the D, sorry for harping on it but I’m a Defense first guy, and it has been mediocre all season especially against dribble penetration.
Our defensive turnover rate is also very low (#314 on Torvik) which limits runouts and fast break opportunities. And Def rebounding is OK (a little above average) but that’s underperforming IMO given the huge lineups we often have on the court.
If we don’t defend well this could simply turn in to a shootout which could be risky with the talent level and scoring ability of Ajayi, Porter and Mallete. Becomes a roll of the dice of who has the better shooting night, particularly on 3’s.

Can’t let this be a trap game where we’re looking ahead to the SMC rematch instead of focused on the game at hand.


Broncos now -8.5 on ESPN.

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Man D plays right into Pepp’s playground dribble drive I don’t think they ever practice offense. It took 4 ridiculiously tough shots late in the game by Bal for SCU for squeak out a win in Malibu.

Pepp is bad for sure (not UOP or Portland bad, but not all that much better). SCU needs this win. Playing man D just kind of puts the ball on a tee for Pepp to have a chance. Just wish they’d go zone tonight for 10+ minutes, but probably better odds playing powerball.


Perfect opening defensive possession. Glad to see Knapper back.

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WOW. JUST WOW. What a ridiculously horrible start.


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I jinxed it. My fault.

Well, we’ve spotted the Waves a 10 point lead at tip off… can SCU get off the mat?

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13-0 first media TO

some would say not ideal

also we are live in case you love criticism: https://kscu.org/

Could be a long night if we don’t shape up. Looks like the SMC and Ohio State games. Early but so far disgusting. Some how some way GO BRONCOS!!!

Cam comes into the game and the intensity immediately increases!


What are we doing on offense? Seriously. The ball is “sticking.” Painful to watch.

This team is so soft defensively. We don’t create turnovers. We do a terrible job of cutting off baseline drives. Honestly, we don’t do anything well on defense with any consistency. That’s on Sendek.


We need to stop playing softly on the offensive side. The Waves are NOT a deep team, they cannot afford to get into foul trouble. GO STRONG TO THE HOOP!


BK stablizing the team. Caffaro is a tough defender but I hold my breath whenever he has to catch/pass the ball.


Caffaro does a nice job with help defense. I agree and he’s created some turnovers which has sparked the offense.

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Glad for the needed jolt to turn the 15-0 game around. One and done - again.