Welcome & Site Feedback

Hi all - we’d like to welcome you to the new BroncoHoops! We are excited about the new platform and hope you enjoy the overall experience. We are confident this platform will provide for a more seamless and rewarding user experience.

If you find a bug, issue, or have a feedback, please comment below and we will do our best to address issues and incorporate any feedback.

Thanks in advance and GO BRONCOS!!

-Taylor T. '08


Hi, one thing i’ve noticed is that googling for broncohoops leads to the old page and not the new one. Is there anyway to fix this and help grow traffic to the site?


Hi - yes we are working on this over the next week. We need to do some redirecting from the old site to this site. We’ll do our best to make it better from a SEO perspective. Thanks!

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Thank you for your hard work!

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Really well done, still getting used to the new layout. But I like what see! Thanks to all involved.

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Thanks @Midwestbronco14 ! As much as I’d love to say I did much technically, it really came down to leveraging a good forum software. As you’ll begin to notice, there are a lot more bells and whistles than the previous.

Enjoy and GO BRONCOS!

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I like it. Nice job!

Any chance we can add a “mute” button so that we can just block users’ comments from appearing on our individual views?