Help Support WakeUpSwig.Com

Hi everyone,

The moderating team is very proud of our really awesome new site which, as a frequent peruser of the other WCC members’ boards, is almost certainly the most user-friendly in the WCC. @RedHatBronco and @jcardoza77 are entirely to thank for that. And we are happy to continue offering a site for discussions of all things Bronco athletics and beyond. Our community is better for it.

But the site does come with a cost. For this reason, we are hoping to raise money to help reduce the cost of running the site. RedHat created a GoFundMe page for folks who are willing to support the site.

This is a labor of love for all of us, and we will keep the site going whether or not we reach our goal. But if you enjoy reading or posting here and have a few dollars to spare, it would make a big difference. Anything helps.

Thanks, everyone and GO BRONCOS!


Thanks @RedHatBronco and @jcardoza77 for making this transition so smooth. Go Broncos!


Hi everyone,

With the Broncos starting out 1-0, this seems like a good time to consider supporting the forum through the GoFundMe page if you haven’t already. We have raised a large percentage of the money required to keep the forum going for the next calendar year. Any little bit helps. We will close the fundraiser soon per GoFundMe’s policies but wanted to send out one more request to those who are able to support the board.

We appreciate this community, whether you are able to contribute or not.

Go Broncos!


Thanks to all who donated thus far! The 16 donations nearly got us to our goal! I am going to close this out Sunday (12/5) so if anyone feels inclined to help us reach out goal, please consider doing that today. 100% of the proceeds are going to our 2022 monthly subscription fee ($100) for the forum software we are using.

Thanks again and GO BRONCOS!