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Yes. I think the whole team will be in attendance.


As will I, hopefully it’s not too confusing for those around me when I’m cheering for every Jalen basket.


I’ll be there too! ticket prices really dropped with Steph and Dray not playing haha


Jalen was awesome last night with 21 pts, 7 assists, and 5 rebounds in a win over the Lakers.
Podz was excellent as well with 13 pts, 8 boards , and 2 assists in a win over the Clippers. He guarded James Harden much of the game.


Chris Paul and Gary Payton are out with injuries, Payton may be for a long time. And I noticed Wiggins also missed this game.
As long as there are injuries and absences from their top rotation guys, especially backcourt players, Podz will continue to get good PT.


Good Chron article about Podz and Curry’s relationship with Curry (affectionately) calling Podz his “annoying little brother.”

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Another good Chron article about Podz and Jalen. Brandin is single-handedly getting SCU’s name in the region’s main paper of record exponentially more than in an average year.


Brandin seems to be aware that the storylines from the El Camino have not been friendly lately, so he’s doing all he can to get positive press for SCU basketball in the absence of encouraging SCU wins:


Highlights from Podz last night in a victory over the Trailblazers. 15 pts, 10 rebounds, 7 assists.

Also, Jalen had 28 pts on 11-17 from the floor against the Lakers.


Career high for Jalen last night. 36pts and 5-5 from 3.


Podz has been double digits the last 8 games with healthy assists and rebounds. Jeff Van gundy gave a lot of airtime to Santa Clara and even begged the question “who’s going to come out of scu to the nba this year?”

After a timeout break he said he got a text from a friend that said Johnny O’Neil is the guy to watch…. Hmmm, I don’t see it. I like Johnny at times, but as others have said he needs to be much more aggressive offensively going to the basket, and defensively grabbing boards.

I think anyone on SCU is at least a year off. Bal and O’Neil both need to be more aggressive and show they can take over when needed like Jalen and Podz could. Bal needs to be able to make the right decision against skilled defenders before he’s trapped. Bal likes to use his physical gifts and undeniable talent to force offense. Bal will only be 20 when he graduates, so he can stay another year and still be well-within the NBA’s penchant for young players with lots of runway.

Bryan might be just a tad too small for today’s NBA but has two years to develop. CMJ seems like a classic Portsmouth Invitational type that might get a handful of team workouts and maybe a G-League contract.

Mock Drafts are all over the place but has Bal as a lottery pick this year. They have been moving him up quite a bit recently. Anyone with a 7 foot wingspan that shoots 40+ percent from 3 is going to generate interest.


That’s incredible that Bal generating lottery discussion as I don’t think he is anywhere near where Jalen or Podz was at this point but Bal has immense potential so that is probably what we are seeing. If this holds out…3 first round picks in 3 years would be amazing.

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Back to Back 30 point games for Jalen…and a huge game from Podz (25pts. 8 assists, 7 boards) last night.


Really amazing what both JDub and Podz are doing, huge production this week and overall consistent contributions in all categories in most games.

I foresee a time when you are in any Bay Area watering hole and you’ll say “I’ll have a Podziemski”. (Maybe by the time he turns 21!)

Something like an ice cold draft and a whiskey shot…some type of brew from Milwaukee/Wisconsin + shot combo. Bars could get creative on this one!

Maybe the Hut can start a trend.

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I’ve been tracking the Rookie Ladder, which is the NBA’s weekly punditry on the projected ROTY race. Podz has climbed throughout the season since he started playing semi-regular minutes. Recently, he has been floating in the 5-6 spots. But this week, he rose up to #4.

That’s pretty incredible given the highly regarded talent in the draft class. And at #4, Podz sits behind ROTY by acclamation, Wembanayama, a seeming generational talent, last year’s #2 pick Holmgren (and Jalen teammate), and this year’s #2 pick in Brandon Miller.

To be the 19th pick and slotted behind a generational talent and the #2 picks from consecutive years is a pretty incredible climb and arguably as impressive as Jalen’s climb from #12 to the clear #2 player last year.

Hopefully, their success is something SCU can leverage in recruiting for several years to come. Not only have guys gotten to the NBA, but they’ve had outsize success when they get there.


They better jump on it. Isnt he 21 like next week?

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After a 20 year dry spell, it’s so fun to hear Santa Clara University referenced on an NBA broadcast. I proudly admit to in-game rewinding and replaying those brief sections of the broadcast.


Just read a mock draft on The Athletic. They have Adama Ball projected as a late second round pick at the moment.