Watching this drama-filled BYU-UVU game. I have to say, I am very impressed by the Wolverines’ coach Mark Madsen. The former Stanford star seems to have the right mix of heart, emotion, experience and smarts to be an excellent coach.

IF (big if) SCU were to move on from Sendek someday, Madsen is the kind of coach I’d love to see at SCU. Not saying that I don’t like HS (I do), but sometimes I look down at the bench and observe that the boys need a spark – but they aren’t gonna get it from Herb.

This game has just gone into OT. This is UVU’s FOURTH OT game this year already (out of 7 total). They’ve won all three prior OT games.

Mad Dog and UVU with a major win tonight. The OT record would seem to show a team that has taken on the personality of its coach. Only NCAA coach I know of with a Stanford MBA too.

Tell me someone has gotten lucky without telling me someone has gotten lucky.

Overtime is a straight up crap shoot. If you are winning more often than not, then you are the better team in overtime frequently and probably shouldn’t have been in as many overtime games in the first place, or you have been lucky.

Nice one saying you like the coach and then trashing the coach. Would hate to see what you say about people you don’t like.

Go away Noob, seriously.


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