Know Your Enemy: Boise State

Catching the (inferior) broncos on ESPN right now as they play St. Bonaventure.

Boise State dropped a very close one to the Bonnies.
Emmanuel Akot played out of his mind, singehandedly keeping the BSU in it with 24 points.

Boise look tough and rangy with some interiors players that will make things difficult for the good guys.

Boise, however, seems to have average shooters.

If they beat the Broncos, its going to be a rock fight.

I’m watching USF-Nevada right now. Pretty sloppy game. USF got dealt a raw hand with USD and SCU beating Nevada before their stop in the Sobrato Center. Nevada playing like a cornered bear.

USF, despite adding some front court power, seems to be relatively unchanged. Take away the three and there’s not much there. SCU should be able to torch the USF front court but have to run them off the perimeter because they can put on points quickly when hot.

Didn’t see this when I posted on the other thing.

Since you said you watched, can you say what the point of Patrick Tape is? Because in the stat sheet, there’s nothing, yet he played 21 minutes.

Nevada just doesn’t appear to be a very good defensive team. SCU got any shot they want, and USF only wants one shot and got it any time it wanted.

TCU was down 13 in the second half before roaring back to beat Nicholls by 13. Still, not great signs there. It was 43-41 with 8 minutes to go.

Only outrebounded by 1, which is a good sign after they were like +25 per game up to now.

That was their last game before playing SCU.