Carlos Stewart article


I think Pixley goes a little haywire talking like Stewart was better than Livingston. I mean I hope he’s right, but I doubt he is. Livingston was an all-American in high school.

Livingston himself said Stewart deserves to be Mr. Basketball, so it’s great to see him given the distinction he earned.

Here’s hoping he has a great career and 4 years as a Bronco.


Maybe our most hyped recruit since Jared. A few others have had pretty impressive slates of offers from high major schools, but I don’t remember anyone since Jared having the local press quite so enamored with the player’s potential.

Bodes well.

By the way, I giggled a bit when I saw him described as 6’1". I’m sure that’s accurate, but I also know that the second he’s put on the SCU website, he will automatically grow 2-3 inches.


If he was listed at 6-3, he might not be going to scu. I’m sure some of the majors were late on him bc he’s a 6-1 guard that figures more as a 2.

Maybe keeping players listed shorter would keep the transfer jackals away lol.

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