CIT returns

Saw online that CIT is returning but would Renee allow us to accept a bid? Would give the returning players more time to play together

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So help me God, if SCU plays in one of those fake pay-to-play tourneys, I refuse to donate another dime to the University.

Colossal waste of funds, would be better used on students, faculty, or pretty much anything else.


Also Hayward, just to be clear, there’s no accepting a bid… the process of “qualifying” for the CIT/CBI comes in the form of a wire transfer from the University to the slimeballs that run those shams. They don’t care if you’ve won 3 games all season, as long as the funds clear you’re in.


Based on the Instagram post today and what I’ve heard, there will be no postseason.

NIT or nothing (and we won’t be in the NIT)


Agree 100%…Been there, done that, and won it. This program should accept nothing less than a NIT bid.

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After 3 Quad 4 losses, I don’t see any chance for us to make the NIT. I suppose you meant the statement “nothing less than a NIT bid” for future years. I agree with the sentiment.

Some people suggest that the buy-in conferences are ideal for very young teams to get more playing time together. However, I’m not sure how much value there is in playing other mediocre-to-crappy teams. Thoughts?

Yes, I meant future seasons. I agree with you as nothing gain and nothing positive monetarily.

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If the team was mostly underclassman, then I’d say yes just for the extra practice and games. But there’s enough experience on this roster that I don’t see what more they have to gain by paying to play in this.


With the roster churn we now see in college basketball, I’m not even sure even a young team would develop any continuity from the pay-in tournaments.


Agree JC. Ends up being more of showcase and opportunity for more game tape for guys he chose to transfer.

Hard no for me on the CIT for all the reasons mentioned above. Plus consider that our rotation is down to 9 or 10 guys (depending on Caffaro’s status) plus Bal, Tilly and Marshall have been nursing injuries.

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