NIT makes changes

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I saw this. This would probably have helped SCU a tiny bit the past couple of years. But it’s embarrassing that an Ohio State that went 5-15 in the Big 10 (which I believe is one of the teams that would have made it under this change) would get to host.

I don’t think the NCAA should acknowledge the “Power Conference” structure outside of football. It’s reality, but one step down the road of creating a whole new division of high major programs within D1 that slowly suffocate the rest a la college football.


Saw this yesterday as well. Not surprised…just another example of the Power Conference schools having disproportionate influence…sadly, it will continue.

I wouldn’t have minded much if they had simply eliminated all auto bids and made it a solely the next best 32 teams based on merit.
But adding 2 guaranteed spots for Power conferences with zero consideration of mid-majors is ridiculous but also guaranteeing them a home game is truly absurd. All in all just makes the whole process less credible and less merit based.

The only positive in this for the Broncos is that it may be slightly easier for the Broncos to get an NIT bid. The previous autobid process probably led to 3 to 5 schools getting in to the NIT who wouldn’t have made it based solely on merit. That could open up slots to solid 20+ win mid-majors (plus sub-20win Power Conf schools as well of course).

Spot on 92. Basically just an attempt to make the NIT more appealing to the general hoops fan in an effort to boost revenue. That said, those changes won’t accomplish anything toward that aim. What power conference fan actually wants to tune in to their team in the NIT?

The beauty of the NCAA tourney are the St Peter’s, Fairleigh Dickinson’s, SCU’s (a la 93), yet somehow the NIT thinks a 15-17 Ohio St vs 15-18 Georgia Tech is gonna move the needle?