For fun: All Southpaw Starting Five

This may have been covered previously so my apologies in advance if repetitive. I was recalling former left handed Broncos, and could not recall enough names to form a starting 5, let alone a squad of 10 players.

So far:

Nick Vanos
Travis Niesen
Nate Kratch
John Woolery

The first three provide toughness and physicality but want to add a sharp shooter to this lineup and coming up empty. Again, not a serious topic, just for fun.

Any southpaw suggestions?

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C’mon @pistolpete89 you missed the most obvious southpaw and, recency bias aside, almost certainly the best left handed player to come out of SCU.

(hint: he’s in the NBA right now)


He didn’t graduate from SCU (transferred after 2 years at SCU), but I believe Mark McNamara was a lefty.

Also, I think one of the Ogden brothers.

EDITED TO ADD: I just now looked up McNamara, didn’t realize that he passed away in 2020 at age 60 from heart failure. RIP.


Geez…I am an idiot. Forgot Podz!!


Bud was the lefty Ogden brother - and was on the cover of Sports Illustrated:


:joy: Also, Vrankic was a lefty primarily, but learned to be pretty good with both right and left, making him always a tricky Bronco to figure out down low.


Was Scott Dougherty (spelling) a lefty? I want to say he was on one of Dick Davey’s final squads.

He may have been a walk on too, decent shooter if I recall.


Was Jefftey Connelly a lefty? At least his first name rhymes with being a southpaw…

I played against Jefftey in HS as he attended Harbor HS (Santa Cruz). I am 99% certain that he is right handed…but was a very strong player going to his left.

John Kovaleski? (Around 1980?)

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I was thinking the same thing, but I couldn’t find anything to confirm his primary hand.

Yes, absolutely! I remember him. Point guard…Was he a walk on?

Indeed, he was a walk-on

Wasn’t Podz a leftie?

Ignore previous question. Should’ve scrolled.

Yeah, Scott Dougherty was a lefty. He was a walk-on who was named First Team All-Conference his final season. Excellent shooter.


Vrankic shot all perimeter shots, FT’s, etc. right handed…was he ambidextrous or a lefty that just learned to shot right handed from a young age so stuck with it?

I’ve know several lefties that considered themselves left handed (they wrote left handed) but they played different sports either left handed or right handed.
ie- threw balls left handed but golfed right handed, I think partly because it was hard to find lefty clubs for youth.


I think that’s right. He was a natural lefty but learned to shoot jumpers with his right.:

“Vrankic, who grew up in Toronto but whose parents are from Serbia — his father played professional basketball — is naturally left-handed, but has learned to shoot his jump shots right-handed while using his left hand for most of his layups and other shots inside.”


This describes my experience. Also, I write right-handed because my father remembered what the nuns did to his left-handed classmates when he was a youth…though I can still write left-handed.

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He also had a weird, almost two-handed shot, so i would have believed he was a lefty if you told me.