Foster to Bronco Hall of Fame

Glad to see Kevin Foster being inducted to Hall of Fame. One mistake shouldn’t prevent that. He is the #1 scorer in bronco men’s Bball


Foster was absolutely fearless on the court. So many standout games from him but the 31pts at St. Mary’s (and Patty Mills) as a freshman was as impressive as anything I have seen from a Bronco. One fun box score to look at is the 2012 game at # 1 Duke. The Broncos were down 38-36 at halftime and kept it close until the final minutes. Foster had 29pts.


I’m still annoyed Keating didn’t foul up 3 in regulation in those losses against Utah State and UCSB that same season. Ended up losing both those games in OT. Also wish they had scheduled better that season, though who knows whether it would’ve mattered. While talented, that team lost every big game they played in the regular season. That being said, still thankful they ended up winning the CBI afterwards.


Yes, winning the CBI was certainly the highlight of KK’s Bronco coaching tenure. I still have to stop myself from firing a shoe at my flat screen every time I see that fraud on a Warriors post game show as an “analyst”.


Don’t forget the CIT – 2 NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS!!! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Foster to the Hall of Fame, for sure.

Keating to have his own wing in the Hall of Shame with a special homage to the year he went winless in conference play.

CBI College Basketball Incompetence

Presumably, Brownridge would be going in next, after the 10 year waiting period ends in 2027.

Here is an interesting question for discussion. For arguements sake, lets say that Podz goes on to have an outstanding NBA career ( obviously too early to tell at rhis point). Does he make the SCU HOF on the basis of just one year on the Mission campus? The same question applies to Jalen, though his three years do put him on the list of all time scorers, at #34. I would think no in both cases, as the HOF is meant to honor a players college accomplishments. Other opinions?

To me, they are both in to the SCU HOF.

It is called the “Hall of Fame”, not the “Hall of Great Statistics” nor the “Hall of Four Years Rostered”. Podz led the team to a NIT appearance, without him, the team would’ve been mediocre and we might not have attracted some of the quality transfers that came to SCU via the portal. Just my two cents.


These HOF type discussions are always interesting. Different times and eras, the game evolves, context and competition different. Career stats get skewed and are hard to compare. Freshmen weren’t eligible 60’s and early 70’s, teams play 32+ games these days, whereas mid-80’s or earlier it was closer to 25-28 games. 3pt shot arrived late 80’s and so on.

First, happy for Foster. And no knock on him, he was at times an electric and amazing scorer. But that’s about it; he was an OK passer but wasn’t a great defender or rebounder and despite the scoring, often wasn’t efficient. I’m absolutely fine with Foster going in. But if Foster’s career is the bar then it opens up more guys to serious consideration.

And I’d say ‘No’ on Podz given just one season, just my opinion. Other thoughts, in somewhat order of priority for consideration:

  • Absolutely yes on Jalen when eligible, 3 seasons is enough and he impacted the game in all facets, not just scoring.
  • Brownridge: 4 years of elite play and scoring, and by comparison, more efficient shooter than Foster.
  • John Bryant: First 2 seasons were more modest production as his minutes were limited by weight and conditioning. Bot got his body right and dominated as a Junior and Senior, 1st or 2nd in the country in rebounding (depending on what metric you use) along w/ some slouch named Blake Griffin. Plus he has had a long and successful career in Europe and is still playing.
  • Brian Jones: 4 year starter, fearless player, did more than just score, great passer and very good rebounder for a pt guard. Forgot the specifics but at the time, he reached some combo of Pts-Rebs-Assists for his career that only a handful of guys had ever done.
  • Marlon Garnett: Nash’s sidekick for '95 & '96 tourney appearances, league MVP in 1997. Good pro career including a season with the Boston Celtics.

And one very interesting consideration: Doron Perkins. Only 2 seasons as a JC transfer and that will probably keep him out. But he was a freak athlete, tremendous defender and rebounder in addition to scoring and passing. But played on some very mediocre teams. He also had one of the most successful pro-careers by a Bronco with multiple league MVP’s overseas; could have played in the NBA if he was willing to linger in the CBA/G-league waiting for a call up.

There are probably some old dogs from late 60’s through mid-80’s who I never saw play who maybe warrant consideration: Harold Keeling, Londale Theus, Michael Stewart, Ralph Ogden???


I agree with buckets.

And who knows how the next couple years play out, but they’ve made Santa Clara mentioned in major media more than anyone since Nash? There’s value in that.

Foster should be the WCC all time leading scorer if not for being stupid and getting a DUI & suspended. Rumor has it that it was former Bronco Travis Niesen(sp?) who pulled him over that night.
Every time I look at the list of the WCC all time points leaders I’m amazed at Hank Gathers. Gawd he was so good & those LMU teams so much fun to watch


Buckets makes good points on the overall contribution to the school and the program, regardless of the number of years played.

I’ve long wondered why Brian Jones is not already in the HOF. He was a once in a decade talent who, had he not tangled with Adonal Foyle in that summer league action, might also have gone on greater heights in the Association.

I’d also agree with John Bryant. His progression over his four years was fun to watch.

Great to hear Doron Perkins mentioned. Quite a talent, and its too bad we only had him for two years. He also had a long succesful professional career after SCU.


Probably not enough to make the HOF, nonetheless I’d like to give an honorable mention to Troy Payne, quite possibly the best lockdown defender SCU has ever had. We only had him for two years after he transferred in, but I always watched him intently, it was a joy to watch his footwork and his hands.